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Coinrule: A Review

With the constantly evolving digital age cryptocurrency trading is becoming increasingly well-known and has been used as a means of investing in recent times.

Cryptocurrency is used by traders as a form of security measures, and anti-counterfeiting strategies ensure it’s an extremely secure and safe method to trade and earn an income.

It can be a challenge to keep analyzing and learning about the market, but.

To succeed, the trader has to be constantly aware of the market and its trends However, the majority of traders don’t have the chance to keep an eye on a screen continuously.

This is the reason automated trading platforms enter into play, for example Coinrule the company that was established in 2017 and registered in the UK under UK law.

Coinrule is specifically designed to aid novices in trading crypto however it could assist the more experienced.

The company aids traders compete with professional hedge funds and crypto traders using their automated trading bots.

The Advantages of Coinrule

The firm helps increase profits by focusing on trading rules development and assists traders to create strategies by providing an simple-to-use interface.

Another advantage is that it is managed by highly experienced experts with extensive experience in the industry as well as it is designed to ensure that it is running smoothly.

A team of experts on board to offer advice is an additional advantage for users.

Principal features of Coinrule

The most important features are the benefits of the service that could convince traders to sign up for the service.

An intuitive interface – The main aspect of Coinrule is its interface that is accessible via the majority of browsers. It’s easy to navigate, doesn’t use words and isn’t filled with pop-ups and advertisements.

Supportive cryptocurrency exchange – The service offers an impressive collection of exchanges that it works with via it’s Automated Programming Interface (API). The most well-known exchanges include Bitmap, BitMex, Binance, Liquid, Kraken and HitBC.

Safety – Traders are able to be confident that their data is secure since Coinrule secures it with encryption. Also, they are safe from hackers, thanks to private keys that are designed to prevent the withdrawal of funds from an exchange.

Technical tools – The tools used for analysis are accessible and extremely simple to use.

Indicators for technical analysis – These more advanced technical indicators are used to analyze a specific situation for example, closing prices for the specified time frame.

Strategies templates: The company includes more than 130 templates for strategy that are based on bot trading. The team will send regular emails to help users modify their strategies and develop new rules, if needed. The established strategies include Maximise Profit and Purchase and Hold, the Dip or Divide and Win. There are a variety of strategies that can be adapted built on the ‘If-This-Then This logic.

Superior customer service 24/7 customer support is provided in addition to detailed guides to answer any queries.

the Starter Kit is available to anyone who is just starting their journey into trading. It lets users trade as much as $3,000 per month and restrict the indicator range, but it can be used with many.

Costs Three price plans: Hobbyist Tier that costs $29.99 per month, the trader is able to access more indicators and is able to make trades up to $50k each year. The Trader Plan cost $59.99 per month, and gives traders access to all strategies templates and two exchanges, as well as monthly training, and priority support. The plan allows for trades for up to $30,000 per month. The Pro Plan for $449.99 offers the trader the ability to trade with a particular service as well as a limitless number of exchanges (though you can only make 50 rules at once).

Demo – There’s currently no backtesting available; however the built-in demo makes use of the prices of Binance and lets users to test a rule using an allocation virtualized and then check how it does.

How Do I Make Coinrule Work?

Once the trader has determined what package they’d like to use and is ready to set the rules and pick the strategy template.

As stated, Coinrule uses the ‘If-This-Then-That method. In other words, if something happens in the market, then your purchase must be fulfilled.

It’s a smart method to ensure your trader’s completely protected and safe.

To make a rule first, you must decide which exchange you would like to connect to.

Utilize one of the many templates available to develop a plan that is adaptable in some way.

Next, you must define the conditions for executing your order as well as the actions to take after the order has been executed.

The rule is now set for launch and the trader is in complete oversight over it in order to ensure that they do not over or under trade and similar.
Setting Up Your Coinrule Account

It’s fairly easy to create your account. It is necessary to enter an email address, and then enter an account password by clicking the sign up tab.

The email address has to be confirmed using an encryption code. The conditions of use have to be signed and agreed upon.

The same procedure is followed for logging into social media.

Final Thoughts

Coinrule is an incredibly secure and safe trading bot for beginners to build automated trading strategies using rules, and applying the ‘If This-Then That approach.

It is run by a team of highly experienced professionals that can aid in the creation and development of your strategies . They are also available for any queries.

Coinrule can be described as unique in its service offerings, and is gaining popularity.