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Why Send a Birthday Card

Greeting cards are invaluable for maintaining our connections. Here are seven good reasons for why giving funny birthday cards is essential in our digitally driven lives.

Why would we want to give cards when it’s easy and easy to send a text message? There’s nothing wrong in using technology to wish people a happy birthday, but you can do more with greeting cards than traditional. Consider sending a physical birthday card to someone special this year.

1. A sentimental keepsake

Particularly on birthdays with milestones, giving a fancy card is a popular way to commemorate the special occasion. But these cards can be beautiful keepsakes, too. Similar to photographs they can be treasured to remember important moments, but they also hold the lovely messages written by family members as well as our friends.

Since my Grandad died, birthday cards that I’ve saved throughout the years, stuffed with caring messages in his illegible handwriting, are now of more sentimental significance to me. His distinctive, flamboyant scrawl is my Grandad in pencil. These cards have become memories that I cherish because they can be heard when I read the words , and they remind me of the excitement my grandparents used to celebrate my birthdays as when I was a kid. Cards are often discarded, but some carry vivid memories of different phases in our lives. Handwritten cards from loved ones are the things you’ll cherish for decades to come.

2. Cards are a physical display of affection

Being able to receive cards and be in a room full of them makes people feel loved. There’s lots of excitement in discussing the cards, the various designs, the people they’re from , and the tradition of decorating a space full of cards makes one feel unique.

It’s difficult to remember the joy the gift of a card brings to someone and the significance of showing that love in tangible form from loved ones and relatives. Giving cards is a relatively straightforward and effortless gesture that helps the recipient feel cared for and a card can be a powerful reminder.

3. Stay connected across long distances

A greeting card can be a convenient, letterbox friendly means of keeping in touch with family and friends around the world. Sending gifts long distance isn’t always possible but the thoughtfulness of a card that is decorated with a variety of vibrant stamps can be just as much to the person receiving it. Much like holiday postcards, a card that’s travelled miles and takes weeks or days to arrive may feel more unique and exciting to be received. It’s an inexpensive but thoughtful gesture that will be loved as much as an extravagant present.

4. A simple method to help small-sized businesses

This is a different take on why you should think about buying cards, but trust me, as it’s an excellent idea to give a birthday gift particularly if your passion is supporting small-scale companies!

The convenience of shopping at the store and purchasing one or two greeting cards by independent card makers will have a major impact. Making a small purchase means that you’re helping an individual or a small group of people who’re passionate about their merchandise and genuinely appreciative of your purchase. Making a small investment in good cards is a simple method of doing that.

5. Cards for greetings foster human connections

In our technologically oriented world, it can be extremely tempting to send “Happy Birthday” text messages or even emails and think it’s as effective to send a tangible greeting card. And while that is fast and simple to communicate, it diminishes the significance and meaning of the birthday card.

We text messages and emails every day to everyone and everybody. A birthday text isn’t that any different from an ordinary text, which is a common daily routine. Handwritten correspondence including cards has become less common and because of their rareness, receiving a card can feel extremely special.

A birthday card will always be more personal than a digital version. It’s more real and strengthens human connections especially when it’s not feasible to visit relatives and friends. Staying in touch with your loved ones is essential and a birthday gift is an ideal way to cherish your bond. The experience of receiving a text message may feel a bit mundane in comparison.

6. Receiving cards in the post is an exciting experience.

Whatever age you are, the joy to receive a birthday card creates an excitement. Recognising the handwriting or post mark is all part of the excitement and like hand-delivered cards opening them can be a pleasant pastime on the run up the day of your birthday.

Receiving birthday cards that arrive in the mail and then opening colorful envelopes is awe-inspiringly satisfying. Perhaps it’s because you know there’s no way to make it look like the same as a bill, but similar to the excitement of “Deal or No deal” there’s a sense of excitement and delight in discovering who’s sending it. A good blog post from your most loved people is one of the simplest pleasures!

7. Finding the right card

The process of selecting a gift card for someone’s birthday can be an enjoyable task in and of itself. Much like finding a thoughtful present, picking the right card can be a beautiful way to show how much they are to the person you love, how you view them , and how you feel in your connection.

It’s a brilliant opportunity to reflect on your shared sense of humour or to think about your own experiences. The physical card is a sign that you’ve spent time and effort to honor them. A card that shows them, is extremely unique and also shows how well you’re acquainted with them. Once in a while, a card will jump at you and you’ll be able to instantly think of a specific one in your family. the perfect card you know they’ll love. It’s a great feeling to receive something that nice! ?

Cards help us stay connected as they nurture friendships and make the most of birthdays. If we aren’t physically near our beloved ones a greeting card can bring great happiness and comfort. It’s really easy for you to share a message via text message but nothing beats that perfect handwritten notecard that you’ve taken the time to carefully select specially for them. It’s a small gesture that will always make them feel loved and thought of and appreciated. Something that an email doesn’t quite achieve.