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Why The Shirt Jacket (Shacket) Is Menswear’s Biggest Trend

The shirt jacket also known as a “shacket” is precisely what it sounds like – a mix of the two. It’s thicker than a shirt, yet not so bulky as a real jacket. This makes it a great accessory for transitioning into spring. From a fashion standpoint it’s not as formal as the coat. Therefore, if you’re searching for a casual, yet nonetheless tailored piece of outerwear, this is one of the most stylish options available.

What are some great styles?

Navy Cotton

As I’m calling this menswear that is trending more casual and casual, let’s get started with a casual style. A pair of light denim and a brown neck pullover set the mood for a classic blue and brown’ colour palette. White sneakers provide an unassuming base.

This navy jacket is the perfect look of a classic easy, wear-anything look. Switch out your tech pullover in favor of one of these and you can easily elevate even a casual outfit such as this.

Khaki Cotton

The next step is the khaki-colored cotton The jacket is highlighted as a casual option to the jacket. The base of this outfit is very classic and includes an OCBD in white and a pair of navy cotton pants.

You can dress it up by wearing a blazer. However, the shacket in contrast is an unpretentious, sporty feel. The pleated pocket on the jacket adds an ‘edgy look, as well.

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Herringbone Linen

This is the most formal style of all. Another way to do it is that you could use a shacket an alternative to the blazer to create an informal, sporty look. I am amazed by how simple changes or substitutes can create such an impact. result.

The basic outfit-a blue chinos and navy shirt-is an easy, basic and classic combination. The tie in a club style adds a prettier vibe and plays nicely with the sportiness that the coat has.

Camel Corduroy

While it is more of a fall fabric, the one we wear is more light and ideal for a winter-to-spring transition. From a fashion perspective the rugged look that this jacket has is a great match perfectly with the dark denim as well as the gingham shirt.

I also love how the brown tones of the shirt match the camo color of the jacket. For shoes the leather is light brown. derbies give three different brown tones that blend.

Olive Corduroy

The wool version of corduroy I tried to use the safari shirt’s styling elements and to create a color scheme that’s more safari-like. The underside is the light tan knitted Polo that is unique due to the robust collar (so it can stand up effectively) and the five button placket that is deep and thick.

White denim is not versatile, it’s a great fit to spring. The suede boots add the rough texture of corduroy. A pair of aviators as well as my pre-Bond Seamaster add a touch of class to the outfit.