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21st Amendment Presented To Cabinet

The draft of the 21st Amendment to the Constitution was presented to the Cabinet today for consideration as the first legislative business of the new government, Daily Mirror learns.

The bill, if enacted, will seek to reintroduce constitutional features that contained in the 19th Amendment curtailing powers of executive presidency.

Besides, the constitutional provision in the 20th Amendment providing for the increase of the number of judges of higher courts will be retained in the incorporation of the 21st Amendment.

Also, the president, as the Head of State, will continue to retain his power to dissolve Parliament only after two and half years.

The proposed constitutional amendment will be taken up for consideration by the Cabinet next week. It was presented to the Cabinet by Justice Minister Wijeyadasa Rajapakshe. Mr. Rajapakshe was also the subject minister who presented the 19th Amendment to the Constitution during the time of the Yahapalana government.

There is public agitation in the country to prune the powers of executive presidency.(Kelum Bandara)