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Cardiac Surgeons, Anesthetics To Limit Operations From Monday

The cardiac surgeons and cardiac anesthesiologists at national hospitals have claimed that they have decided to curtail several operations from Monday (20) due to the shortage of drugs and consumables and the fuel crisis.

A letter in this regard was issued recently and mentioned that the crisis has continued to escalate.

Most petrol and diesel service stations are refusing to give priority to doctors and healthcare staff due to public anger. Therefore, they restricted cardio-thoracic operations.

They also claimed that they used to spend 6–10 hours in fuel queues, even in filling stations specifically allocated for essential services So we will be operating in only two theatres.

Each surgeon will do only one operating theatre list per week while allocating a limited number of junior medical officers, nurses, technical staff, and junior staff.

However, we would be able to perform only the most critical and urgent cases, the letter said. (Chaturanga Samarwickrama)