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Sajith Bars Daily Mirror Over Liquor Controversy

Samagi Jana Balawegaya (SJB) Leader Sajith Premadasa has announced a ban on the Daily Mirror from covering any press briefings held by the SJB.

The decision comes in the wake of accusations made by Premadasa, who criticized the publication for what he deemed as a “mockery of journalism.”

Accusing the Daily Mirror of deliberately misquoting a statement made by him on banning liqour licenses in the country, Premadasa expressed his frustration at the handling of his statements. However on many occasions Premadasa has taken out his frustration on the paper after the paper made critical coverage on him as an Opposition Leader.

One such example is when Premadasa said he would lead the Aragalaya to oust former President Gotabaya Rajapaksa from his seat on July 9, 2022, but instead of leading the protest he got himself admitted at a private hospital in Colombo leaving the public to wonder where the Opposition Leader was.

Sajith Premadasa should be reminded that the Daily Mirror does not dance to the tune of any politician but instead serves the public in an accurate manner. Him banning Daily Mirror from press briefings is a loss to himself.

.@Dailymirror_SL is a mockery of journalism. Deliberately misquoted me and later changed the article, no correction issued. I said I will cancel liquor licenses issued as bribes not ban liquor stores if we come to power. What I will ban is @Dailymirror_SL from any press briefings

— Sajith Premadasa (@sajithpremadasa) May 16, 2024