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’Spas’ Face Imminent Closure Amid HIV Scare

Colombo, March 29 (Daily Mirror) – On the heels of the massive raid conducted on ‘Spas’ in the Negombo area resulting in the detection of two HIV cases, illegal spas and Ayurvedic spas that secretly offer prostitution services are facing imminent closure in many parts of the island, Daily Mirror learns.

Sources familiar with the matter told Daily Mirror that the women employed in brothels operating under the guise of spas have begun to vacate in fear of HIV.

The spas operating in the vicinity of Nugegoda and Thalawathugoda are the worst to have been affected by this development as a significant portion of them secretly offer prostitution.

This follows the large scale raid that Police personnel in Negombo carried out seizing 53 spas and wellness centres masquerading as brothels, resulting in the detainment of approximately 140 women, many of whom were involved in prostitution.

This crackdown unfolded through a coordinated effort spearheaded by the Officers in Charge (OICs) from three nearby police stations, as revealed by police officials.

The crackdown spanned Negombo, Kochchikade, and Seeduwa police jurisdictions, spanning several days. These decisive actions were prompted by intelligence gathered by police intelligence units.

According to police sources, the decision to carry out raids on spas in the Negombo area stems from an incident where one of the arrested drug dealers was found to be HIV positive.

Following interrogation, the individual confessed to frequenting spas regularly, which promoted the law enforcement authorities to conduct raids.

However, authorities remain undecided on whether to expand raids on spas, as doing so could potentially expose personnel deployed as decoys to health risks.

Furthermore, police sources stated that the failure to monitor spa and wellness centres has resulted in them being operated as brothels.

Meanwhile, Daily Mirror also learns that the tendency of women in illegal spas using methamphetamine, commonly known as the drug ‘ice’ has drastically increased.

Informed sources said that the managers of the spas have been compelled to expel the women who were caught using Ice.

In light of this development, the owners are in quandary to operate the centres.