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Who Should Use Big Bags?

The big bags, also called Flexible Intermediate Big Containers (FIBC) are an excellent tool for shipping goods, however, they have difficulty gaining acceptance within certain industries. In Europe bags are more widely used and their uses are much more widespread across a variety of industries. In the UK, bags are widely used in certain industries, whereas other industries haven’t adopted bags as their preferred packaging for intermediate use.

What exactly is an FIBC?

A FIBC (also known as a big bag) is basically a bag that is made of threads of polypropylene that are woven. The fabric for the bag is constructed in the same manner as you make cotton clothing, where the threads are made and weaved together. The different is that these bags can hold a large amount of weight. They are typically shipped with around 2200-3000 pounds of different materials. If the proper storage equipment has been installed, the bags can contain 12,000 lbs of materials.

What kinds of products or materials can be kept in FIBCs or large bags?

A lot of industries use large bags, such as agricultural and aggregates, grains, fertilizer, plastics mining, powders, and many more. The most popular markets that use bags are pharmaceuticals, food as well as agriculture and chemicals.

Each of these markets would prefer to have their goods shipped in quantities, but this isn’t always feasible. Certain customers are not able to take large trucks and need a smaller quantity of materials. For instance farmers who require just 2,000 pounds of fertilizer or seeds would not be able to take a full truckload, therefore large bags are ideal. Another example is when shipping out of the country in shipping containers, big bags are a great way for countries that aren’t industrialized to receive goods. The transportation of chemicals used in the gold mining industry to Africa is not a good idea and would not be a good idea for large shipping. The products must be packed stored in small or large bags that allow the handling of these chemicals even in the most primitive infrastructure (dirt roads, a lack of equipment).

Why aren’t FIBCs and big bags being used more often?

The reasons why FIBCs are not being used in more industries are skepticism or misinformation regarding the product. For those who are skeptical, many don’t believe that a 5 pounds plastic bag could safely hold 3,000 pounds. until they’re working in an industry where they are exposed to the process being carried out. The misconceptions are that people aren’t aware of the way they work and think that a huge infrastructure is required to load or take the boxes off. Big boxes are simpler for certain industries to identify because they understand the way a box functions. Additionally, certain companies have a significant investment in equipment to unload boxes, such boxes tippers. The stacking of boxes can affect the choice also. A lot of companies stack their boxes on the floor three times and boxes can be stacked three-high without much effort, whereas large bags require more preparation and knowledge about the item.

Why should you use large Bags?

It is easier to store

On average, large bags that have the same amount as a large box contain about 200 bags on a normal-sized pallet. So, on average, 7000 bags cover the same space as 500 large boxes. If you’re a business that is strapped in space, this can be an enormous benefit.

It is easier to purchase

To purchase new boxes procurement managers have to constantly purchase boxes to meet requirements. When it comes to used boxes, which are used by many industries, they are often not readily available, and the requirement to look for numerous suppliers (each monthly) is essential. The search for used gaylord boxes depends on the amount of production that is producing boxes that are being used up. If industrial production is declining, there will be fewer boxes available on the market for sale on. Bags, on the other hand, may be less frequent because the space for one bag will be the same as a box truck.

It is easier to manage

A large bag weighs between 6 to 4-6 pounds which means that a female worker can handle them easily. In contrast, an octagon-shaped box requires two persons to set up for loading , and it can weigh between 30 and 45 pounds.

Capacity to hold more weight

A big wall of 4-5 inches can accommodate between 1,800 and 2,000 pounds. A big bag could be constructed to hold up to 4,000 pounds. using the same footprint as the big box. So, you’re using the same footprint, but with twice as much weight.

Landscaping Supply Companies

A few companies offer mulch, stones stone, sand dirt and more. in big bags. A lot of people should use these bags as they can easily transport five or more items to the same location in bags that keep every item separate. Additionally, each bag can be transported to the exact place where it is to be utilized. The majority of large trucks are used, which means that they’ll have items mixed in the shipment, or they will have to transport several trucks. Additionally, they’ll dispose of it at a central location, then it will be transported via hand or other method to the location where it’s required.


What kinds of building materials? Companies in the construction industry could gain from bagging their materials, since they can place the bags close to the place where the product is either being utilized or removed. This eliminates the need to move materials around multiple times that require a lot of labor. For instance, pipes fittings and concrete ties, bricks, mortar, rebar and so on. If materials are being removed from an improvement project The bags can be placed near the rehab site and then loaded once and then taken away to the dumpster. Large bags can save a lot of time.


If you recycle plastic, metal, or clothing, these bags can provide a significant benefit over large boxes. If you’re shipping these items overseas The bags can be placed two-high on a shipping container , and designed to take up any unoccupied space. Additionally, you can get rid of the requirement for costly pallets that are heat-treated. When using boxes, you have to make use of pallets, which means the cost is more expensive.

Charitable Organizations

Charitable organizations receive an array of items including books, clothes and toys, shoes, and many more. They have to manage the material in order to sell it at a retail store or make it ready for shipping to overseas. Bags can be constructed at various sizes and heights to accommodate various kinds of materials that need to be handled. For instance bags could be constructed 84″ high, which means there is only a requirement for one bag per two boxes that go into the container from overseas. The largest bags could measure 24″ high , which would be able to fit on an area for sorting the right size, which gives more possibility of flexibility.

As mentioned above there are numerous advantages of using large bags and therefore certain businesses or industries should consider what they need to switch. They won’t be dissatisfied. If you’re looking for more information you can contact a large bag supplier to get more details.