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Advantages and Disadvantages of Low Cost Flights

The process of planning your next trip typically requires a look at the cost of tickets to the airport. For those on a tight budget, cheap flights has allowed them to travel further than they might have otherwise. What you might not be aware of (and I didn’t either!) is that flights that are cheap might not be as affordable as you believed it to be. While it has its benefits, the disadvantages might make the savings worth the effort for certain travelers.

We’ll look at some of the benefits of flying cheap in the beginning.

Low Costs

The main benefit of cheap flights is, of course the cost. Many airlines that offer low-cost tickets are limited to a couple of routes, which allows them to provide more cost-effective prices. These flights can cut your expenses by up to 80percent, particularly when you reserve your tickets in advance.


Today, many airlines include those that have the lowest price in the first place they offer discounts. These offers can cut down price of tickets further. Look online or even in coupon books for the most affordable prices.


I’ll admit that I’ve was curious about whether cheap airlines make a few concessions to provide such low prices. But, more research from my own perspective has led me to realize that the location of the airline, and not the kind of airline, that plays the largest factor in the likelihood that an accident will happen. Budget airlines are as safe, and could be more secure because of their location in comparison to full-price fares.

New Plans

If an airline is operating new planes, be it because of upgrades or new flights they’ll usually offer tickets at a low cost to lure passengers to the brand new planes. You could get the latest flight technology and amenities at a lower cost.

The Cons

Like everything good however, there are some drawbacks when traveling with a low-cost ticket.

The cost of changing dates could be costly.

If you have to alter the date on your ticket in totality, you may encounter many fees. There is a cost associated with altering the dates of your flights. This could cost you several hundred dollars. In the event of tickets that are discounted there’s no need to pay the penalty for changing dates but you could also be charged an additional amount for the gap between your ticket that you originally purchased and the one you’re interested in today. Even a change in date of a day may be quite costly.

Hidden Costs

If you buy the full-cost option, you receive the full-service. If you purchase a less expensive ticket, you might be unable to use certain services during your flight. For example, you’ll be required create your own board passes or pay a fee to get it printed by the airport. It is also possible to find that beverages and meals aren’t included in tickets that are cheaper.

Keep Your Seat

The majority of budget airlines won’t assign seats until you have registered with the airline at airport. If you’re interested in a particular seat, be sure to arrive early and make it to the top of the line whenever you can. Also, when traveling with someone else, that you might end up getting separated on the flight. Keep this in mind when you make the plans for your trip!

Restrictions on Baggage

The majority of budget airlines limit passengers to carrying only one carry-on item as well as one personal item for example, a purse baby bags or laptop bag. Each airline has its own regulations, and you might be surprised to learn the “personal item” could end up being an item of clothing in the event that you don’t take care!

The availability of cheap airfares has made traveling easier for the budget-conscious who are among us however this doesn’t mean that it’s the same. Before you purchase your ticket be sure to know exactly what you’re (and not) paying for. Surprises are wonderful unless they have to be paid for by expensive travel expenses.