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The Ground-breaking Green Employee Benefit

In assisting employees to switch to electric motors

In April 2020 , the government introduced an incentive tax to help employees shift to electric cars, be green and pay less tax. We considered creating this incentive for our team , but were disappointed when we were unable to access the tax benefits in full.

This is the place The Electric Car Scheme comes into

It’s the Electric Car Scheme is an innovative employee benefit which helps the employees and you save between 30 and 60 percent on any electric vehicle by way of salary sacrifice (effectively making the payment from your earnings before tax). The scheme is funded by the government in order to encourage the use of electric vehicles and to assist in helping the UK achieve net zero.

It’s akin to the cycle-to-work scheme for electric cars. Electric Car Scheme Electric Car Scheme sets up and manages the salary sacrifice program for your business free of charge.

It’s easy to be Green

The advantages of the green car salary sacrifice for the environment are clear, there are no greenhouse gas emissions changing to electric power as the main source of fuel can eliminate more than 70 percent of the carbon emissions of driving.

There are many some other myths about electric vehicles. Many are worried about the battery running out in the roadway however, as the majority of vehicles are now able to travel for more than 200 miles and the majority of trips are under 100 miles and this is no longer a problem. The convenience of charging at home as opposed to waiting in line at gas stations is an added benefit!

Going green is significantly less expensive than you think . The cost of the fuel used per mile is around 4-5x less for electric vehicles in comparison to petrol vehicles (possibly even more considering the cost of fuel as it is at the moment! ).

As a nation has committed to not having any new petrol or diesel cars that are sold until 2030. We will all be welcoming this transition before long. In fact the majority of modern employees and employers are already making this change.

Ground-breaking Employee Benefit for Employees

Modern employees are more inclined to work for organizations who align with their ideals. The environment and working towards net zero are becoming more important to workers.

Furthermore, the competition for talent is getting more intense. Retention and attraction of talent is becoming more challenging than ever before – due to the effects of Brexit and this pandemic (and The Great Resignation due to pop out following Christmas! ).

With a standard employee savings of c.PS10,000 over three years and green salary sacrifice benefits such as The Electric Car Scheme are extremely valuable and can be a game changer in getting and keeping the best employees!