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Advantages of a Bedside Table

The beginning of the history of tables for bed and the manner in which they became a reality is quite unique. At that time, the primary reason and primary function of a bedside table was to house chamber pots (portable toilet). This is why the early tables were small and had a small cabinet. However, over time, it became evident that they are more functional. As time passed, and with the rise with the bathroom in the house, folks began to reconsider the necessity of a table for bedside and eventually it was a key design element in interior design.

Tables for bedside use are known by many names, including “nightstand”, “night table”, ‘daystand bedside cabinet’. Modern bedside tables are small cabinet that has several drawers or shelves. In this article, we will look at three different kinds of tables that are bedside and the benefits they bring.

The benefits of a bedside table

Bedside tables are excellent in enhancing the look in your room. They are also awe-inspiring when you necessity to add functionality to the space. Here are some advantages of having a table beside your bed inside your room.

A bedside table can hold numerous things, including an alarm clock. This is a great option if you tend to read books before bed or are unable to get to get up earlier in the day. You can place on a glass of water or a book, phone, or other things.
After you have used the laptop, you are able to put it on a table at your bedside. For many , the bedside table could seem to be the perfect place to store their devices, including smartphones, laptops smartwatches, smartwatches, as well as other electronic devices. Bedside tables that are modern and sleek are classified as smart and include an integrated charging station as well as power sockets. USB port for charging your electronic devices for the night.
If you have kids, you can put the table by your bed in the bedroom of your child and make use of it to store their books and other things. They are also great for storing medicines for elderly parents too.
Apart from being useful A bedside table can often used as an element of design. A well-designed table for bed can create a relaxing atmosphere. therefore it is a good idea to place books, photos frames, or other decorative objects can add to the appeal of your bedroom.
If you’re in search of more functionality and ease of use consider models that have drawers. There are various types of bedside tables that accommodate your particular requirements. This gives you additional storage space for your most essential items like keys, watch, wallet documents, and so on.

The design-wise, there are three types of bedsides tables. Although their design and function differ however, they offer almost identical functionality. These are the categories

Bedside Chests

Sometimes referred to as the ‘Chest of Drawers’, a bedside cabinet is a table with assortment of drawers. Most commonly, they have up to 4 drawers, based on the size of your mattress. It is recommended to get a bedside cabinet that is level to or slightly higher than the mattress. This is the primary distinction between a bedside chest and a standard dresser. They are also equipped with a flat surface that can be used to store items that are frequently used prior to going to sleep. In comparison to other kinds of tables for bedside that are available, this is the most sought-after.

Bedside Cabinets

Bedside cabinets are like chests that are used for bed, but have greater storage capacity than chests. They also have having a flat surface at their tops, these cabinets might include one and two or more chests. However, what makes them distinct is the fact that they come with an appealing cabinet with doors, which are suitable for storing large items.


Nightstands differ from cabinets and bedside chests. They are more focused on design and aesthetics rather instead of storage capacity. There are some nightstands that have an additional drawer or two to store things, but their main purpose is to create a place to place things on top.

Beyond the categories of functional The tables that are used for bedside use come in various types forms, shapes, materials and, of course colors. Bedside tables are constructed in various designs, including Mid-Century Modern, Art Deco, Contemporary to go with your home’s decor. Before you make up your eyes on buying one, ensure that it fits the design of your house or not.