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Advantages of Composite Doors

Composite doors offer many advantages for homeowners who wants to install new doors to their home. Most homeowners are faced with the dilemma of choosing between upvc and composite doors, and weighing the advantages of composite doors against other options before deciding what’s the most price-effective option.

The primary advantage that composite doors offer over traditional timber or upvc is their strong and durable profile. Made from a mix of different materials, each chosen for their distinctive properties The composite door features superior design which is not matched by the traditional wooden or upvc profile. Made from a mix of upvc, laminated skin, a weatherproof and robust acrylic layer, and our solid wood core this door will provide your home by offering advantages that are far over the other doors in the market.

A wide range of styles

One of the biggest advantage of composite doors over upvc and wood doors lies in the wide range of designs, styles, and choices offered. If you’re searching for traditional designs for a traditional home or you prefer a modern style for a contemporary home there is a front door made of composite for you. There are numerous benefits of composite doors, a lot of them are in the practicality of their manufacturing and installation, however others lie in the versatility and flexibility of the customizable styles.

Profit from the improved thermal efficiency

Our composite doors will improve your home from the moment they are installed, keeping warm air inside your home , keeping it warm for longer. This helps reduce your energy bills since you will have less dependence on central heating system, which helps to reduce the carbon footprint of your home in the process and allowing you to benefit from the financial and green benefits from composite doors. Efficiency in energy is crucial today more than ever, which is why we’re thrilled of our doors that boast this quality in the greatest quantity.

In addition to the windows and doors, they are also the most frequently used places for homeowners to are afflicted with heat loss, this is the reason our composite doors help reduce water ingress and draughts. The advanced weatherproofing system is one of the numerous advantages of the composite doors you take advantage of. Your home will be secured even in the most extreme weather conditions, giving you total confidence in the security of your home from the elements and the energy efficiency of your home.

A secure and safe solution

A front door made of composite is sure to keep you secure. One of the benefits for our doors made of composite is the fact that they are solid wood construction of 48mm which is 10% more thick than the average. Due to this, our doors will not disappoint you if an intruder attempts to gain entry to your home. In comparison to other doors that are available with an outer skin made of glass The composite doors are made of stronger materials and more durable, resulting in more effective results.

Our doors come with the most up-to-date security hardware and are built with a an extremely durable frame with a strong, impact-resistant structure. Additionally, the weatherproof design guarantees that our doors won’t deteriorate for many years. The doors we offer have an allowance of 3mm for bowing which means your door won’t be bent out of shape and will remain strong.

Innovative and clever design

These doors were made using top of the line and modern manufacturing techniques, resulting in a design that is unlike any other available. The reputation of our doors is their strength. our solid wood 48mm slab for doors is 10 times higher than other composite doors offered. This is why it makes sense that our range of composite doors are very sought-after!

Composite doors with low maintenance

One of the benefits for our doors made of composite is the fact that they do not need regular maintenance. All you have to do is clean the door down from time every so often with a damp towel to keep their stunning appearance.

Another benefit to our wood composite doors is that they don’t fade with time, which means that our woodgrains that are rich and vibrant remain bright even after decades of exposure to harsh conditions and regular use.

Front door with composite prices that are affordable

Our range of composite front doors is flexible and adaptable with budget-friendly and cost-effective prices. Our knowledgeable team can guide you and provide the most effective solution for your home. Additionally, you can create your own door with our online designer tool to visualize precisely how you would like the composite door to appear. Find out how to benefit from the benefits of having composite doors in your home.

Should you be having doubts or questions about the advantages that our door panels offer, please contact us to discuss your needs!