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How to Find a Local Basingstoke Plumber You Can Trust

Finding a reliable tradesperson or plumber can be stressful, particularly in the event of an emergency that is not waiting. But it doesn’t have to be! Continue reading and discover our 7 tips on how to locate a reliable plumber in Basingstoke . avoid the hassle having to deal with cowboys and poor workers.

The benefits of finding Reputable Plumbers

Have you ever heard that the amount of water wasted in the UK amounts to ~460 million litres every year? The reason is that even the tiniest leaks can waste many litres of water. Leaks are not only a cause of harm to your home and neighbors’ homes, but cause financial hardship and result in a negative impact on the environmental. The hiring of an unprofessional “cowboy” to do the work that a professional would do will contribute to these adverse effects. Here are a few reasons why hiring a reputable plumber in your area is worth every cent.

Knowledge of local plumbing requirements Local plumbers are familiar with the local area as well as the parking issues and hardware stores and the local directives.
One-stop shop service. Hiring a plumber who is local usually means he can come out promptly and offer an entire service, starting with diagnosing the problem, to sourcing materials and completing the job.
The best advice available – an expert can give helpful tips on how to stop problems from becoming recurring. They can help you with solid advice on the best ways to maintain your plumbing and bathroom installations. You get more value for your investment.
It helps the local economy – buying local is an integral part of any prosperous economy. In this way, you can help professionals who are hardworking find jobs and keep your cash moving around the local area.

Plumber vs Heating Engineer

Have you ever wondered what the distinction between a plumber in comparison to heating engineers is? Plumbers are responsible for the plumbing and fixtures throughout the house. If you notice water leak or drip, you call them to repair it. They can repair or install showers, sinks, as well as toilets. They can also unblock a sink or a toilet. However, if there is problems with your central or boiler heating, it is best to call an engineer for heating. They install, maintain and repair gas appliances, boilers, and radiators. Plumbers can also be heating engineers and vice versa. It’s not the same about handyman vs plumber but.

All heating technicians have undergone specific training and are legally obliged to be registered on the Gas Safe Register, which allows them to work on boilers as well as different gas appliance. But you can’t trust every boiler technician who knocks on your doorstep. Some contractors may appear to be unqualified for specific tasks and can cause further damage to your home.

A Service Company Vs Local Plumber

While it’s tempting to get an expert local to the yellow pages for less, it is worth examining the issue from all angles. For example, a one-person company might find it difficult to complete a large project in time as they’d have to work on their own. There is little control over their work and you would not know for sure whether they’re as reliable as they claim in their ads or if they have proper insurance.

The hiring of a well-known company comes with a lot of benefits. First, it’s more simple to assess the reputation of the company and history online. The majority of companies have teams of expertsthat work not just Monday through Friday, but weekends night shifts, late nights and bank holidays too. Therefore, you can count on them any time you require any help. Additionally, it’s simpler to contact companies because they have a specifically-designed customer Service department. They can organize your service and address any specific requests or issues. It is easy to hold them accountable for their efforts unlike individuals who become difficult to find if circumstances go wrong. Not to mention that companies strive to improve their offerings at all times.

Your plumber is likely to be able to show the appropriate certificates of qualifications, certificates, and proof of licenses and be up to date on the newest skills and trends in the world of plumbing. Professional companies have strict control on their workers’ health by equipping them with personal safety equipment, guidelines and regular checks.

How to Find a Plumber in your Area You Can You Can

1. Talk to a different tradesperson

Have you had work done by a handyman electrician, whose work you loved? Have them suggest a plumber. Tradesmen often know each other and sometimes work together on large-scale projects. Professionals are happy working alongside other professionals, therefore they will likely recommend a trustworthy person.

2. Choose a reliable company

Choosing a reputable plumbing service company over a brand new and unknown one is the better option in most cases. The company’s reputation usually is the best indicator of its reputation and it isn’t possible to ignore other people’s opinions.

3. Plumbing Trade Associations

Most knowledgeable plumbers are members of a trade association. A trade association membership is an indication of excellence and dedication to the trade, as they encourage focus on technical ability, customer serviceand the best results. Being a good plumber is more than just technical proficiency and being able to do the job. It’s about communicating as well as trust and reliability. There’s no need for plumbers who do not respect your home. A reputable tradesperson provides all-round, professional services.

The Association of Plumbing & Heating Contractors (APHC) and the Chartered Institute of Plumbing and Heating Engineering (CIPHE) are two of the most well-known trade associations throughout the UK. Members of these trade associations are unlikely to damage their reputation by doing shoddy or shady work.

4. Ask friends and family

Another good source of plumber recommendations are your friends and family. They’ve probably experienced similar problems and are able to recommend a tradesman who you can trust. Word-of-mouth recommendations are still important and carry a lot of weight. A personal account is a more persuasive tool than a hype ad without a customer review to back it up. If you’re looking for an experienced plumber in your area, think about inviting your neighbors over for a cup of tea. Learn who the neighbors go for plumbing repair and installation.

5. Search through directories and rating pages

Reviewing directories and rating pages increases your odds to find a plumbing professional you can confidence in. It is less likely to locate a “cowboy” or wanna-be plumber in the directory. When searching, look for authenticity. Always take reviews written by anonymous users with a pinch of salt as they cannot be verified either by either you or the rating pages. The most well-known and trusted directories and aggregator websites are: – one of the largest directories – another great directory with the ability to rate customers. – search for ratings – best 3 plumbing service providers in your area – professional who is who are members of a trade association

Do not make a decision too quickly unless you are in an emergency. Check the second and third pages, as forward placement isn’t a guarantee of higher quality service.

6. Check out reviews and testimonials.

Most advertisements claim that you receive the highest quality service for the best price. They’re appealing to hear in the air or read online, but they seldom provide more than brand recognition. While this is important, it does not give you the security and security that you know your family and your home are in safe and safe hands. Make sure you carefully evaluate reviews and testimonials from aggregator websites or on the official website. It is essential to search for authenticity and integrity, so better look for the following info:

What was the project?
When was it completed?
Did you encounter any issues?
What is the result?
Would the customer consider employing the same plumber?

7. Compare rates and collect estimates over the phone

Similar to any other service, it is best that you receive 3 or more quotations to evaluate the costs and the service perks. The more complex the job is, the more quotes you will need to get, and the more questions to inquire about. Depending on the requirements of a particular situation the company may give you a quote over the phone or after the completion of a survey. Be wary of shady rates. Most good plumbers know what they are worth for their job. It’s highly unlikely that they’ll charge either too little or over the top. Low prices could indicate the lack of licensing or specialized knowledge. Another tactic to be on the lookout for is when a quote is only for the part of the job and then charging for “the extra work”. To avoid such situations it is essential to know the following informationin your file:

Does the plumber carry Public Liability Insurance?
Is the tradesman licensed professional?
What’s the warranty?
How much is the service charged by the hour or is it a fixed rate?
Do you receive a price in writing and a brief description of everything included in the price?
Does the professional use his own tools to the task?
Are there hidden costs?
Do you receive a printed version of the invoice?

A good tradesman can:

Make sure he understands all your concerns and wishes;
Discuss what he has done to fulfill the request to the highest standards;
It is important to clearly explain how the cost takes shape and what does it include;
Be patient, helpful and clean. Be professional and clean.

The plumbing work performed by the plumber you hire can affect the health of your family. The savings of a few bucks is not always worth it. It’s important to realize that you’re paying for much more than the time spent on the job You are paying for the expertise and knowledge.

In the Event of Plumbing Emergencies

Sometimes you just do not have time to take the time to research your plumber. Are you a homeowner who has emergency insurance? Your insurance company should send an expert with a good reputation to solve the problem. The plumber should be provided with details about the issue. Do not forget to inquire for a warranty and estimated costs. The tradesman should be able to give you the cost of the callout However, the additional costs usually depend on the nature the problem.

If you require immediate assistance, look for a reputable company to schedule an emergency plumber for the area you live in.

How to Avoid Plumbing Scams

Unfortunately, there are fake plumbers or simple scammers on the market. To prevent falling for a plumbing scam We suggest that you look over the following rules:

Request the identification of the license holder, proof of registration and insurance;
Contact the company for address and contact details, such as phone number, email, and opening hours;
Do not give money “under the table” – ask for receipts for each transaction you make;
Do not trust door-to-door plumbers;
Ask for a written quote with details about the work;
Do not sign a blank document or a vague contract.


The good plumber is someone skilled, reliable and dedicated to his craft. Quality is of the highest importance for you and your family’s security and comfort. Take the time to thoroughly investigate the plumbing firms and be cognizant of the plumbing company you choose.