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‘I Told Her That I Had A Surprise For Her, Blindfolded Her And Then Slit Her Throat’

The suspect who has been arrested in connection with the daylight murder of a female University Student on Tuesday has revealed the chilling details of the incident while giving his statement to the Police, it is learnt.

The statement was given to the Police by suspect Pasidu Chathuranga, who studies at the same faculty. The following is extracted from the statement that the Police said he had given over the incident.

“I slit her neck after blindfolding her in the name of a surprise at the Racecourse ground,” he told the Police.

“I brought her to the Colombo Racecourse after telling her that I wanted to talk about something special. There, I blindfolded her saying that “I wanted to give her a surprise and then slit her neck,” he said.

It is believed that the victim could have been his girlfriend.

“Chuti (victim) always accused me that I have a mental illness. That’s why I was in pain. I brought Chuti to the Racecourse saying that there is an urgent matter to discuss. I had been planning to kill her for about a month, as I don’t want to see her having an affair with someone else in the future,” the suspect said.

Chaturthi Hansika Mallakarachchi (24), who was a third-year undergraduate at the Faculty of Applied Sciences of the University of Colombo, died early on Tuesday after being brutally murdered.

“Since 2019 I have been taking medication for a psychotic condition. I started an affair with Chuti in 2020. I didn’t tell her that I was taking medicine. But she came to know about it about four or five months ago. Then she wanted to stop our relationship and she did it,” the suspect said in his statement.

“After that, she completely changed. She constantly called me Pissa (Crazy or Lunatic). I checked if she had changed because of another relationship. But she had no such connection. I had no doubts about her. I was in pain with her because she always called me Pissa,” Chaturanga told the police.

“Then I planned to kill her because I didn’t want anyone else to have her.

I bought a knife from Wellampitiya Junction on Sunday. I left my home on

Tuesday with that knife in my bag. After attending the first lecture in the morning, I asked Chuti to come to the Racecourse because I wanted to tell a special story,” the suspect explained.

“At first she refused, then she agreed because I coerced her. We both walked to the Racecourse. We stopped at the pond and talked. I was still angry with her at that time. I told her I have a surprise for you and then I brought her near to the Racecourse Scoreboard,” he said.

“There I blindfolded her saying that I had a surprise for her. She asked again what the surprise was. Then I slit her neck with the knife. She screamed, took off the scarf that was covering her eyes and screamed for help. I stabbed her again. There was a group of young girls nearby, and fearing that they would come to the place, I ran away from there. After running away from the scene, I got on a bus straight away and went to Wellampitiya thinking that I should throw myself under a train. But after waiting for a long time, no train came. I went home and left my bags and belongings at home and jumped into the Kelani River twice so that I could end my life as well. But those attempts also failed. It was then that I was taken into Police custody,” Chaturanga said. (Indika Ramanayake)