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Facebook Ads Rejected? Why It Happened and How to Fix It

It’s not unusual to see this message on your Facebook ads”Rejected. This generally implies that you need to alter an element of your advertisement or alter the selection of your target audience. After resolving the issue it is possible to submit the ad. Usually, it takes only an hour to get approval.

But, there are some ads that get deleted permanently, while for others, there’s no way to modify the Facebook advert so that it is acceptable to the site.

We’ll walk you through the various scenarios that could result in your Facebook Ads being rejected. We’ll also discuss how to locate the ads that were rejected, how you can fix them and what steps you should take if the corrections you make don’t solve the issue.

Facebook Ads rejected? What happened?

Facebook offers a wide range of content that is restricted or prohibited within its guidelines. The restricted content is permissible however you must adhere to certain guidelines, which are often depending on the location you live in. The content that is banned is never permitted on Facebook.

There’s a more extensive list of reasons to see Facebook ads rejected, but these are the most common reasons why this happens is because of violations that involve restricted content:

Illegal content for specific parties such as if you are targeting ads that promote alcohol to minors from the United States.
Discriminatory content.
Ads that utilize Facebook brands’ assets.
Advertisements that violate trademarks or copyrights.
Screenshots of the User Interface.
Lead ads sought sensitive information such as criminal history or health information, as well as sexual orientation.
Advertisements that have poor positioning such as inaccurate product descriptions or pictures that are irrelevant.
ads that are designed to make people feel different or incite.
Content that is restricted for specific locations and users, as with social issues, cryptocurrencies and pharmaceutical drug.

Of course, there are some content that is not allowed on Facebook as being prohibited content. Some examples include:

Illegal services or products.
Tobacco-related items.
Drug-related ads.
Ammunition and weapons.
Adult content that is sexually explicit, with naked or images that suggestive.
False information or sensational content.
Content that is grammatically incorrect or inappropriate.
Ads that contain malware.
Adverts that promote illegal business practices, such as multilevel marketing.

How to determine if and why your Facebook advertisement was not accepted

The first step to deal with an ad that has been rejected is to figure out whether it was rejected initially. I’ve noticed that I’ve not received an email about an unrejected or pending Facebook Ad, so it’s simple to post an advertisement, then leave Facebook and later realize that it’s not been running in any way.

So, we suggest hanging to Facebook for a short period to check if the advertisement has passed the initial automated testing. It’s generally recommended to check back on Facebook until you’re certain that the ad is at an “Published” as well as the “Active” stage.

So, let’s suppose you clicked to click the Publish and Boost Post Now buttons. You believe you’ve followed the guidelines and created appealing ads and targeted the correct audience. What can you do to determine if the Facebook Ad has been rejected or accepted?

Start by checking your profile’s main dashboard on Facebook. Look for an Ads Manager option. Click the button.

There are a variety of methods to look up your previous advertisements on Facebook including using the Business Suite page or the Ad Center. We are still of the opinion that it is the most efficient method of handling the new, old, and future ads. However, the Business Suite offers additional tools to help you design bigger campaigns.

How do I submit an online review when Facebook ads are not accepted

Every Facebook advertisement goes through various automated review processes before they are published. When we say automated, it means that bots and algorithms do the bulk of the work. This could be difficult for those who are trying to promote their business as it’s not an easy task to convince computers or robots about advertising that shouldn’t be rejected. After initial automation, you’ll are able to get in touch with your Facebook help desk. It’s not a last-minute effortand rarely the most effective, as Facebook customer support may take a long time to respond and often don’t offer any flexibility to your ad.

There are two methods to challenge the rejection of ads: either automatically and by sending an email message to the customer service.

First, you must send your Facebook advertisement to be approved. All ads were given this treatment considering that Facebook must handle all types of ads, from immoral to illegal.

An email appears following the time you have posted an advertisement. It should state you that the Ad Status is Under Review.

Utilizing the methods to determine what’s happening with your advertisement Go to the Ads Manager to check what’s happening to your most recent advertisement.

The general rule is that an advertisement that is in compliance with all guidelines and is professional enough for publication will be given an”green “Active” message in front of it.

A green “Rejected” message informs your that an automated Facebook review system has flagged your post for not complying with the rules of Facebook.

If you believe this to be to be a valid point or not you can’t correct the issue, except to edit the ad and submit it to be reviewed further.

So, click”View Results,” beside that Facebook Ad in question.

All Facebook ads that are rejected include the reasons why it was not approved in the first place.

You will receive a red symbol and a message, along with a lengthy explanation of the rule that you violated. The majority of times the issue has to relate to the content of the advertisement or the people you intended to target.

How do you contact support when your advertisement is rejected

An Facebook Ad rejected for the second time usually falls in the category of “Unchanged,” meaning the rejection status stays the same. A excellent place to keep track of more in-depth information about your status is to go to your Account Quality tab on Facebook.

It is important to keep an eye on this page as excessive problems with your account can result in you barred from posting. You could also be removed from your Facebook account entirely.

This page you will check out the ads open for review. In the majority of cases, you can try one time to correct the issues, then follow the rules and then submit the ad for a second review. If you don’t pass the review, your ad is sent in the Unchanged bin, which is where it isn’t editable. If that happens you’ll need to start with a fresh ad.

Some ads do not get the chance to be reviewed again. The ads that are completely disqualified are the ones that are clearly unlawful or immoral, for instance, advertisements that reference hate speech or radicalism.

In the end

The trick to a successful decline of a Facebook Ad is to keep cool and be in the game.

While it’s frustrating that Facebook does not provide any support for customers however, you could do yourself a favor by editing your advertisement correctly and sending it back to review. Making a mistake can result in the blocking of ads, and after that you’ll be having a difficult time communicating with an actual person.