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How to Choose the Best Translation Company

With the increasing awareness in the value of localization and translation the number of translators available as than any time before which makes it difficult to determine which one to pick. When selecting a translation firm it is important to ensure that you are able to depend on your translator to finish your task in a timely manner, on the deadline and in accordance with the requirements of your business. You might be concerned about consistency in your brand You may be dealing with large or delicate projects, or require the assistance of a specialist. It’s overwhelming to think about all the options available to select the most appropriate translation choice for you and your business. To assist you we’ve created the top 10 of the most important guidelines for selecting the right translation agency.

1. Check to see if the translation agency is able to provide localization services.

In order for UK translation services to succeed in its work, it must understand its market segment as well as be in a position to translate, but localize the content too. Without localization, your translated content might not be able to convey your message to your intended audience. For instance the Brazilian Portuguese audience will need different language or phrases in comparison to the European Portuguese audience. A company that has native translators from the target audience to make sure that the content you are distributing is correctly translated and localized is vital to the success of your business.

2. Verify that the translation company is equipped with processes for quality assurance

You shouldn’t rely on anyone to manage your translations, and that’s the reason why you’re searching for a reliable translation agency at the beginning. But even an approved translator isn’t enough. Translators are human beings as well, and they can also make mistakes. However the other hand, a translation service could offer the option of using MT, and , of course, machines make mistakes as human beings make, particularly when they are trying to sound like a human being and localizing content. It is for this reason that you must be sure that the translation service that you choose has professional editors, and also has review methods that are in place to guarantee that the translation is of high quality. content, whether that’s another translator reviewing the work of the first as well as a project manager’s review or an NMTPE.

3. You must be able to contact customer support 24 hours a day in any language

Another sign of professionalism is the quality of a translation agency’s customer service. If a translation agency is accessible to you 24 hours a day and you are able to trust them to deal with any problems that might arise. You can contact a translation service you’d like to explore by phone, email, or via chat. See how they take to respond, and how happy that you feel with their support. The way they deal with the initial request can be a great way to determine how they’ll help you as a customer.

A translation service must be aware of how crucial it is to talk to their clients in their native languages. If the business you’ve got an eye on offers multilingual services, it’s a excellent sign of their overall capability to offer quality service in translation as well as localization.

4. The translation company should include experts from the industry and in particular subject matter experts.

Evidently, translators possess the most common experience of the world and a basic knowledge of the culture and language they are translating for. However, a reliable translation firm will have specialists in particular fields such as marketing, finance, medical or technical translation. They will ensure that the correct terminology is utilized to translate the content into the language of your choice, so that your content sounds professional as it does when it was written in its original. Visit the website of the company or open the project to see whether they have translators who have the experience and expertise that your project demands. A reputable translation company will have a skilled team capable of tackling every subject that is thrown at them.

5. Your translation agency and its translators must have the correct certifications

Although it might not appear as difficult, the process of translating is far from simple. It requires specific skills as well as courses and certifications to be able to achieve the highest level. Along with a amount of experience in the different areas of translation. Every translation company should have a group of experts who are certified in the languages they work with and the expertise they provide. Different businesses have different processes for certification and certifications and therefore you must investigate how a company checks their translators and what kinds of certifications or tests they require of their translators prior to when they can begin to send the projects of customers to them.

Furthermore, the translation firm has to be certified on their website. Look out at the ISO 9001, 17100, or 27001 badge. This signifies that the business has met the highest standards for the quality of its translation services. It also adheres to data security standards also, meaning they’ll protect your data.

6. Find out how quickly the company will finish your translation

Alongside quality, one the most important aspects you’ll probably be watching is the speed at which the translation process is completed. If you’re facing the deadline of your work project or have to submit your visa application or simply aren’t willing to sit and wait for your translation, you’ll need to find a translation firm which can complete the job swiftly and efficiently.

Request an estimate for your project and find out what the estimated time to deliver is, so that you are aware the length of time your translation will take, and if the company you’re considering will complete the project within the timeline required. A lot of companies offer the option of paying an additional cost for delivery expedited If you are certain that you’ll require a speedy turnaround, this could be an option to think about when selecting a translation service.

7. Review reputations, reviews and refer to references

Of obviously, if you’ve looked into all of these and still have trouble deciding from the various translation companies available You can always look up what other people have said about a particular company to determine whether it’s the right fit for you. Visit the website of the company for testimonials from customers or case studies that show what type of work they’ve completed previously. For a complete picture you should also look at reviews on websites such as G2 and TrustPilot to determine if their clients have been satisfied with their service.

Try an easy Google search and discover what kinds of news or information is available. Are they mentioned in major language publication like Slator and Multilingual Magazine? If yes, it indicates they are legitimate and have a solid reputation within the field.

It is also possible to ask for recommendations and ask if any of your friends and colleagues have recommendations for a reliable translation service with whom they’ve been working with in the past.

Final Words: Pick the most reliable translation service to tick all the boxes.

We reviewed some of the key factors you must be aware of when you are deciding to transfer your work to a translation service.