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The benefits of using local phone numbers in business

When it comes to mobile and home phones, typically we get an number and don’t give it another thought.

The business phone numbers of companies and companies However, they are distinct. The business phone number should be considered in every case and be in line with the goals of marketing the business.

In our subconscious, we make assumptions about companies by their phone numbers. Phone numbers can be crucial in communicating subtle messages. They are essential in convincing potential customers to take the phone.

For instance the 020 area code can create an impression of an organization based in London. People outside of London could think that the business is of some size, is well-established or has a nationwide (even worldwide) influence.

Freephone numbers are a great way to increase phone calls and inquiries and the numbers that are memorable are usually used by businesses trying to ensure that they’re the first phone number that pops up in your the mind. This can give businesses an advantage over competitors or, for helplines an address that is easily remembered in the event of need. For certain businesses, local numbers are extremely valuable.

What are the advantages of having local phone numbers?

Attracting customers who want to shop locally

Whatever your business is located, you are able to obtain a local telephone number for a specific area. This allows clients to feel that they are dealing with local businesses or a company with a physical presence. In the real world, having a brick and mortar business within the region’s code is not required.

Low cost

Landline customers won’t be deterred by call costs rising. Instead they’ll be reassured that there won’t be charges that aren’t expected.

Find multiple locations to target

For certain businesses with multiple local numbers, having multiple numbers is beneficial particularly in the case of trying to establish an advantage in emerging markets.

Ideal for remote work

Local number can be routed to any landline, phone or mobile. This means that you can answer calls from any place. This is advantageous for remote workers or for virtual companies which don’t have a physical location.

We have a wide range of business phone numbers and offer thousands of numbers to our customers to select from according to their individual requirements.