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What Is Face to Face Marketing? & Why Is It Important?

Face to face marketing can be the strongest type of marketing. Face to face marketing is promoting your business to an individual or group of people, but in person. Being face to face allows you to look straight at people, gauging the reaction and connecting on a personal level.

What is face to face marketing so important?

We live in a digital era, and the want to speak to people face to face is fading, but what if you’re losing business?

Face to face interaction is incredibly important and can be the start of building strong business relationships, trust and getting to know the people you are getting into business with.

Having the ability to meet with someone and speak through a need or requirement you have is beneficial for the customer and the business. Not only will it paint a clear picture of the customer requirement but helps to understand the type of business you’re attracting and which industries you could also support.

Making a large investment or purchase isn’t always something we feel comfortable doing online, without any guidance. So, providing a face to face service could increase the value of sales and result in long term business.

Face to face meetings can be interpreted in various ways, and webinars count too!

Webinars are available on an online platform so the visual is there and you can still make a connection. You have the choice to have one on one meetings or speak with a group of people.

The webinar option is great as an introduction and can save hours of travel and expense. Furthermore, the online platforms shouldn’t be snubbed as they did great things for us during lockdown and COVID.

Create a Positive Customer Experience

Giving a personalized customer experience is going to win over generic emails and social media posts. Knowing your client is step number 1 when creating a personal experience.

By doing so you’re letting the customer see that you know what they need, you understand them, and this can make them feel appreciated and in safe hands. Being able to build long term relationships is about knowing your audience and building strong rapport.

Effective Communication

Speaking on the phone is fine, emailing works too, but face to face communication is elite.

Sitting opposite a customer and delivering a strong conversation, with eye contact is an effective way to communicate. Not only can you see them, check reactions, they have the same privilege.

Trust Building

Building trust ties in nicely with effective communication and a positive customer experience. You’ll know if the customer is on board with you and the business, by repeat business and making regular contact.