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Why Choose Wax Melts

What is wax melt?

Wax melts are pieces made of aromatic wax that melt when heated, and release a powerful smell throughout your home. The wax that smells is heated inside a burner before it is melted into a liquid wax. The melted wax is capable of exchanging the strong fragrance that it contains to the surrounding area and beyond.

There are numerous shapes and sizes of wax melts, including clamshells, wax tarts snap bars and much more. The Ava May Aromas melts of wax are made in clamshells that let you break an evenly-sized, scent-filled wax cube each time. The amount is enough to fill an average size bowl of wax and scent a room. We also make wax discs that are smaller than clamshells, and offer the possibility of testing the various scents of wax without spending a fortune.

The first time that wax melts were invented was to make use of leftover wax left in the candle making process. In contrast to candles, which were invented about five thousand years ago the idea of wax melts is relatively new. They have gained popularity over the past few years and this trend isn’t showing indication of slowing down.

Why do wax melts have such a huge following?

1. Wax melts can be a cheap option to perfume your home for extended period of time. They are a great source of fragrance, which means they provide a lot of burn time and the scent lasts.

2. They are affordable. They are lighter than most candles and the scented cubes can be re-scented to a different scent regularly.

3. They are versatile. The ability to buy different scents of wax melts at the same amount as candles, you can alter the fragrance of the wax cube effortlessly and often. It is possible to even select the same scent every day!

4. Wax melts give you the control. You are able to decide how much wax you’d like in the burning, which will determine the strength of the aroma within a space.

5. The wax melts are easy to make use of. All you have to do is put the tealight in your burner, put a fragranced wax cube inside the top, then light the tealight, and allow the melt to set.

6. The burners that melt wax are simple to clean. Simply warm the bottom of a solid object in your burner’s bowl, by putting an electric tealight underneath the bowl. Let it sit for about a minute and the wax will melt from the burner. Replace it with a fresh, scent wax cube and then enjoy!

7. The wax burners are available with a variety of ceramic burners that require an electric tealight to melt the wax, or an electric one that needs no naked flame, but instead utilizes the heat of an included light bulb to heat the wax.

8. Wax melts are soothing. Electric burners are available with a wide range of gorgeous colors and, just as ceramic burners that have the tealight flame, they can be quite relaxing to observe. Studies have proven that a peaceful environment helps to lower anxiety and depression.

9. Wax melts UK come in a scent that is suitable for all occasions and everyone. Based on your mood, you could select a scent that is that is similar to your favorite scent, or your preferred fabric softener, or one with an orange base. You can also make your own scents by taking smaller portions of 2 or 3 cubes, and mixing them together in one wax melt burner. Some of the most well-known scents include Earl Grey, Baby Powder, Rose Wonderland and the classic Lime, Basil and Mandarin.

10. Burners and wax melts are the perfect gift that is affordable. They look nice and provide endless pleasure, and you’ll never be able to have enough wax melts! Ava May Aromas offers the largest selection of scent wax melts, as well as the electric and ceramic burning options. We also have beautiful gift sets available at a variety of prices that include everything you need to begin your amazing wax melt adventure.