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Why Have Good Trailer Wheels?

A very sought-after trailer improvements we get requests to swap the wheels on our standard single axle and tandem trailers with all terrain tyres , and/or Land Cruiser rims. There are numerous advantages to reap by utilizing the upgrade options when you decide to purchase an trailer.

Why do you need to upgrade to all Terrain Tyres?

If you are planning to tow the trailer off the road for an extended time frame or have to travel through rough or challenging roads often or even frequently, then an all-terrain tire upgrade for your trailer will make a lot of sense. We can provide and install 15x7LT wheels as well as tyres to all of our trailers available for sale for sale, to increase their durability and versatility under the most demanding conditions.

One of the primary reasons why that you may decide to opt for all terrain tyres for your trailer is because they offer good grip on all terrain, due to the tread design that is interlocking of an off-road tire with the type of handling that most street or on-road tyres offer. The soft rubber compound can also be a factor in their flexibility and capacity to handle different roads and surfaces. All tyres for terrain also have reinforced sidewalls, which increase the capacity to carry loads which is vital when towing a massive or full-loaded trailer.

There are a few disadvantages to be aware of with all-terrain tyres like the tread pattern is known to cause more road noise and they are susceptible to cupping, especially when the suspension of your trailer isn’t functioning properly (although rotating the tyres on your trailer regularly will help reduce the possibility of this).

The reason? Land Cruiser rims and tyres are a great option

If you are who tows a trailer with an SUV or a 4WD vehicle upgrade with Land Cruiser rims and tyres will provide you with a number of advantages. With our improvements you can pick between the 15″ and 16″ wheels, as well as either a five or six stud design.

One of the best benefits of the rims as well as tyres that you have on your trailer that are identical to the towing vehicle’s tyres is that you will be able to carry fewer spares. For instance, should you require changing the wheel, you’ll be able make use of the same spare on either your trailer or 4WD. This is particularly useful when you’re loaded and traveling for across long distances.

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Another advantage, particularly if you’re towing over dirt or in muddy terrain is that you’ll be able to track your wheels in a similar way. The wheels of your trailer will be essentially following the same tyre tracks created by the towing vehicle, giving you a smoother ride with less resistance and drag. This reduces the wear of the trailer’s tyres and can improve the fuel efficiency.