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Wondering How to Use Wax Melts?

Learn to Make the Most of Wax Melts UK and correctly use Scented Wax Melters

How Are Wax Melts?

In essence they are essentially pieces of wax that smell good and don’t require an ignition source or a wick to burn. They were first created when candlemakers who were creative were seeking a way to use the leftover wax. Today, we have this fragrance that is not flammable option that can be enjoyed alongside fragrances for rooms.

Looking for ways to make use of Wax Melts?

Great! You’ll be pleased to learn that using wax melts is just as easy as using scented candles. With just a bit of preparation and the right tools, you’ll become an expert at melting wax within a matter of minutes. All you require to start the exciting journey to aroma the wax melts and a selection of scent-infused melters (a.k.a. Candle wax warmers).

1. Buy a Wax Warmer

The first step in getting ready to make use of your newly purchased wax melts is purchase the wax melter. The warmers for wax melts are generally tiny in size, making them ideal for putting on tables, counters or even a mantle. They come in various designs, and are typically designed to bring an attractive look for your house. Pick scented melters that are freestanding which sit on a nightstand or a side table, or choose candles that plug into wall outlets.

You can pick from candles that are heated by electricity or light bulb warmers, as well as tea-light-powered warmers for wax. If you don’t want any light emanating from your candle warmer, then an electric model could be the best choice. You can also choose an electric light bulb to melt your wax in order to stay clear of the risk of having a flame burning within your home. If you like the appearance of flickering candle then a tea lighter candle wax warmer is an ideal choice. You can opt for candles that are not scented, or choose a scent that is compatible with your melt. It’s your choice and you are able to use it to add a new personal touch for your house!

2. Learn to Use Your Wax Melter, and then prepare it to use it

It’s essential to carefully go through the directions that come with your new wax melting machine. You’ll need to know how to operate the device to ensure you don’t cause dangerous situations. Follow the directions to find out how to start the wax warmer , if electric powered or how to utilize the tea light candle to use the flame-wax melter. The directions should also provide the best method of removing the remaining wax from a wax tart.

It is also recommended to follow the steps to prepare your wax warmer for first time use. Make sure to wash the bowl of wax or the wax liner prior to placing the melt of wax inside. Make sure that all pieces are connected to one another. If the unit comes with an LED light bulb, be sure to take off the cover made of plastic. In the event that the appliance is operated with a tea light candle put the candle in and ensure that there’s no dust inside the chamber.

3. Include a Wax Melt in the warmer.

After looking through a selection of scent-infused wax warmers and picking your top picks now is the time to prepare for your first melting experience. The majority of wax tarts come in large pieces, which are designed to be cut into smaller pieces prior to using. For instance, wax melts are round and are made to be cut into smaller pieces that resemble pie before they are placed inside the warmer for your wax. Take the wax tarts out of the box and tear into pieces that are only used once. Place it in the warmer.

If the warmer for wax has bowls, put the wax inside the bowl. If it’s a nightlight-style melter that has a chamber for wax then add the wax into the chamber. Do not add any other items to the melter until you’ve added the wax.

4. Switch on the Warmer

Follow the instructions of the wax melter to turn it off, and make sure you know the time limit you can leave the heater on for bulb or electric models. In the case of an electrical connect it to the power source and turn on the “on” switch. Be sure that the cord isn’t rubbing against any area of the warmer that could get hot in the course of use. If the warmer is warmed by tea light candles, ignite the candle and then place it inside the chamber beneath the bowl of wax. To ensure safety, make sure that the wax warmer is on a surface that’s not fire-proof and free of any flammable material.

If your heater isn’t with an automatic timer, be sure to set a timer that reminds yourself to switch the melter off. It is also recommended to keep the warmer from moving when the wax inside has melted to ensure that you don’t release hot wax in your house (although there are ways to clean up spilled wax in the event that it happens). Be sure to check the melter regularly throughout the process to make sure there’s not excess hot wax.

5. Take advantage of the Lovely Scent

Relax and take in the wonderful smell of your new melts of wax! There are some of the most fragrant melts of wax in the assortment of tarts made from wax. If you have a lengthy list of your top scents browse by scent to find out which are also available in wax tarts, as well as candles, body care products, and much more.

How Long Will the Wax Melts Last?

Typically , wax melts last between 50-60 hours. They are among the longest-lasting wax tarts available on the market. If you’re looking to treat someone with a fragrant present, you can make your own gift set using small pieces of your preferred waxes. You’ll get plenty of time to enjoy the aromas! They’re an excellent gift to add to a warmer present for a homewarming party or any other special occasion.

6. Switch off the Warmer.

When you’ve finished enjoying the delicious smell of your wax melts, make sure you shut off your warmer for wax. Blowing off the candle in the form of a tealight, then flip on the “off” switch, or disconnect your unit’s plug from the wall. When you no longer have strong scents then it’s time to dispose of the pieces of wax that were used. Depending on the method you’ll use to get rid of the wax leftover you can either wait for the wax that has been melted to set or just allow it to cool, but not let it dry out. Sometimes, it may be simpler to take off an old tart of wax by waiting for it to harden a bit, however, you can remove it while it’s still quite soft.

7. Be sure to remove the used wax Melt

The most efficient method to get rid of the tart that has been used is to combine your melter and a liner. Once the tart has been melting, you can take out the entire liner. If the bowl is made of silicone, just take it off and then flip it over to reveal the wax disc that has hardened. When the bowl is made of porcelain then use a plastic spoon or knife to break out the wax that has hardened.
Another method of removing the wax from a dish made of porcelain is to put the three or two cotton balls in the wax after it has cooled but is still liquid. Then, let the cotton absorb the wax, and then dispose of the balls. To avoid damage to pipes, do not throw melting wax down the drain. Once you’ve taken out the wax wash the sink using soap , a gentle, soft cloth or the drop of baby oil. Never use abrasive cleaners.