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How can Wall Art help my school?

What exactly is Wall Art for Schools? It’s beautiful, unique artwork that can completely transform the learning environment of your school.

We’ve found that Wall Art for schools works best when it addresses an issue or accomplishes the goal that is specific for your particular school. Maybe you’re interested in helping students reach their goals academically and socially, emotionally, spiritually or developmentally. Perhaps you’re focused on wellbeing of the pupils or to create a peaceful environment for students with special needs. Perhaps, you’re just looking for ways to bring the walls of your school to life.

Artwork for Wall Art that is designed specifically for the school will assist you with all of this…and even more. This article will discuss the why, how the best time, place, and the reason behind the school Wall Art!

How Can Wall Art help my school?

There are many ways of making schools Wall Art. We specialize in creating customized artwork that is exclusive to every school. While all learning environments have some similarities We believe that each school has something unique to its students as well as staff, parents and teachers. The school’s ethos, mission as well as the school’s values, methods of teaching, curriculum and the culture that is inherent makes you unique one of a kind. Wall Art should reflect the nature of the school by its style, imagery the tone of voice, and message.

Certain schools are rich in history and offer students the opportunity to be taught in an architectural institution that spans generations. In schools like these, Wall Art can reinforce their past and add amazing features of a classic structure. Modern schools and new constructions are enhanced by Wall Art that’s bursting with personality and has a clean elegant design, or gives an Historical style to the modern style. Schools are eager to utilize their walls to promote their school’s values as well as creative approaches to teaching and technological advancements. Religious schools, nurseries as well as community learning hubs universities, independent schools and colleges usually have a particular collection of beliefs that define them the people they are. Whatever the school’s history and style, there’s no other school as unique to yours!

We want to celebrate by launching Wall Art for schools. It’s more than an attractive product to view. Actually, Wall Art can completely change the learning environment of your school and motivate, inspire and inspire your students.

How do you create Wall Art for schools

With years of experience in design for education We’re certain that we’ll be able to exceed clients expectations for every single project. We take every project as an important one and bring our knowledge, enthusiasm and creativity to every design we develop. The first step following the initial conversation is to visit the school or arrange remote consultations – either or both are absolutely free. In this meeting we’ll talk about your school’s goals and the themes you’re thinking of for your school’s Wall Art. If you’re not sure of where to begin, we’ll assist! We’ll visit your school (or you can send us the video tour to facilitate online consultations) and offer suggestions on how to maximize your space by incorporating a custom wall Art. After we’ve identified what you want to achieve We’ll design a custom quote based on the needs and budget.

Once you’ve approved your quote we’ll then finalize the design requirements and set working on some art. You’ll be able to make unlimited changes to your designs for no cost (most schools typically have three or four revisions). Once the designs are approved, we’ll schedule the printing and installation for an time that works for your needs. We’ve been known to install Wall Art over weekends and during half-term breaks to limit the disruption of your schedule!

How long do Wall Art Last?

Wall Art is a sound investment for your school. We print on top-quality industrial-grade materials specifically designed to be used in schools with a high volume of activity. This means that your school’s Wall Art will last many years. We’re fortunate to have an excellent relationship with our clients and are frequently requested to return after a couple of years to set up Wall Art in other areas of the school. Every time we visit we are delighted to find that the existing Wall Art is as beautiful as it did before we first installed it! Schools Wall Art is also wipe clean…a essential item to have when small hands feet that are soiled and dirty occur.

We’re delighted to share the names of the schools we’ve worked with, so that you can reach them to obtain an impartial review on our efforts. In certain cases you’ll be able to go to previous clients’ homes to view the Wall Art for yourself. We’re extremely happy with our work therefore we provide full transparency about previous projects, upfront costs along with realistic expectation of the results you and your Wall Art can achieve.

How much will Wall Art for schools cost?

Since all designs are custom and unique, we can meet the budget of your school and its requirements. We don’t provide one-size-fits-all product, therefore we don’t have a generic price as well. After we’ve discussed your requirements and we’ve gotten a clear understanding of the type of design you’re looking for and the area you want for us to fill, then we’ll design an estimate that is unique and provide it to you to consider.

As with all investments for your school, you will get what you spend for! We can provide the highest in terms of quality, outstanding customer service and knowledge of the field. If you decide to purchase Wall Art for your school you’ll enjoy an entirely consultative process. We’ll assist and guide you through every step of your project. We’ll will do everything we can to ensure that the final Wall Art is even better than you thought it would be. Our success is contingent on your satisfaction!

Do you design only for Walls?

No! Don’t fall for the name. We can design and create schools’ walls, windows doors, floors, external structures and school signage. In reality, there’s no limit to the places we can place your stunning custom school Wall Art. Why not be creative and think of ways you can use Wall Art to help your school stand out from other schools?