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Guide to Funding Development Projects

The ability to finance a commercial or residential property development venture with the appropriate type of property development financing is crucial as it could influence the cash flow needed to fund an initial capital investment. It can also affect the cash flow during the construction phase , and finally the financial viability of the project.

Many hopeful investors dream of being successful property developers creating their own development plan and ideas for design from the drawing boards and turning them into reality, and then making a lot of money in the process.

Financing your Development Project

But one of the most significant obstacles to overcome in the development of property is in the beginning of the process, which is having the funds set up to make it happen.

Finding the right levels of funding to begin an investment plan can prove difficult for many developers who are new to the world of property development.

On the other hand, it is that it can be relatively straightforward when you have already developed property prior to and have a solid experience in successful completion of these projects.

They also benefit of being able call on the cash reserves accumulated from the previous projects to begin the next project However, for investors who are brand who are new to the game it can be difficult.

The sources of Property Development Finance

What financing alternatives are available to aid aspiring and novice property developers earn cash to get started?

Personal Savings

In the first place, if you’re fortunate enough to have savings that can be used to get your development plan up and running and into the market, then the money you save is your first option.


However, having individual cash reserve accounts is extremely scarce, and property owners typically have to look for alternatives to funding sources The most popular method being to re-mortgage one’s existing home.

Re-mortgaging should however be considered only after thorough research, valuations of property and precise appraisals of the project are completed.

Re-mortgaging is typically an option only available to those who have built up a substantial quantity of equity on their homes or other property due to historical growth in capital values.

Re-mortgaging can help by the homeowner who has significant equity left in their home to utilize it for other purposes, like development of the property, for example.

We would however strongly suggest seeking expert advice prior to pursuing this possibility. Stability is key… do not try to change your luck.

Further Fortschritt

Another option available to you in the event that re-mortgaging isn’t an option alternative, which again involves liaising the mortgage company is to investigate an “further advance” alternative.

The option to advance further is exactly what it what it sounds like: it’s where you can request the loan from your bank.

Be aware, however that this kind of financial loan can be among the most costly ways to obtain real estate development financing since it is typically offered to you with an average variable mortgage price, which can be usually not the most efficient type of financing that is available.

The choice of a mortgage to finance your property development

Keep in mind, when choosing a loan for projects for development of property You will have to choose carefully which financing option you select.

It’s not practical to take, for instance, conventional mortgages that could be available to the owner-occupier.

Why? Because mortgages typically have a term of 25 years which isn’t ideal for those who plan to sell your project in the near future. completed.

In this regard you must consider the possibility of a mortgage that comes with no penalties for early redemption – maybe a tracker or flexible mortgage.

This type of loan could be ideal since you are a property developer and you will not have to pay extra charges for loans if everything went well and you chose to pay some of the loan in advance.

Joint Venture Development Finance

Another option for property developers who are struggling to get the project finance they need is to form a partnership with an experienced and financially sound development partner.

This is often the best route to turn a project for development into the reality.

A successful joint venture partner will typically offer project funding, knowledge and vital network connections to a project in exchange in exchange for a percentage of earnings after the project is completed.

Residential and Commercial Property Development?

Another element that will influence the way you raise development finance needed to begin your venture is the type of property you’re planning to build, as commercial and residential properties offer various options for beginning-of-the-year funding.

Purchase-to-Let and Residential Property Finance

If, for instance, you are planning to rent out your home One of the best alternatives is to go for an investment mortgage that is buy-to-let.

Buy-to-let mortgages are evaluated and made available on the basis their potential to earn income from rental income, rather than on salary of the owner, or the monthly income.

Residential developments include leasehold flats, apartments above shops or buildings, land and building plots for self-builds as well as leaseholders who fly freeholds who are extending or buying their freeholds.

Commercial Property Development Finance

When it comes to the development of commercial property your strategies must be different.

This is due to the fact that developing commercial properties and generating funds for such ventures is considered to be more difficult as well as more risky, and therefore more costly.

As with many things, if you are a well-known property developer with a solid track record of projects that have been successful and property finance lenders, they are more likely to grant financing, however if you are a brand new entrant with little or no experience, it might be more challenging.

But, do not be discouraged because you have options to you.

A well-thought-out and solid business plan that is supported by solid financial appraisals as well as excellent designs by an architect with lots of details, realistic programs for work and valid planning permits. All of these will help reduce the risk of financial loss for your finance provider for property development and will definitely improve your chances of securing the money you need.

Properties that fall under the umbrella of commercial properties comprise development land as well as agricultural properties, industrial property offices, retail properties and hotels to mention some.

In-depth Research & Investment Appraisals

It is also important to be aware that any property development venture is to be undertaken lightly.

The development of property is an excellent way to achieve economic and business success. but if properly executed, with no careful planning, research and due diligence , it could result in increased financial pressures and even financial ruin So, always proceed with caution and make sure you do the research carefully.