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How to choose an Immigration Lawyer in Spain?

Is any immigration lawyer Madrid an appropriate option? Do you think that the initial Google result the best choice? As you’ll see in this article, not necessarily. There’s more to think about. Selecting the right immigration lawyer could be more crucial than you believe, particularly in order to avoid legal issues and denial of applications. This is why we offer seven tips that can help you make the right choice. Let’s get started!

1. Free consultation, no or yes?

It is without doubt it is among the crucial things to think about.

If you are looking for the correct information to relocate to a different country, things could become a bit confusing. There are too many laws, numerous Visas… what is the best for me?

This is the reason why an initial consultation is a great way to know how the Spanish immigration law work and what options do you have for settling in Spain together with family. It will help you understand the law.

Many lawyers provide the initial consultation for no cost. That sounds great! Answering all your questions at the cost of 0.

However… is it really true? Maybe it’s not as perfect as it appears.

In the vast majority of cases the free consultation program is a strategy for marketing to draw customers.

The company provides a no-cost consultation in order to reach the maximum number of people. However, what we usually forget is that it doesn’t go against a good customer service.

If you’re looking for a 10 minute meeting with a lawyer who can only provide you with generic responses… Do it. Select the law firm that provides the consultation for free.

But, if all you want is to know what alternatives you have based on your specific situation, or the specific steps for getting your residence permit, paying for a consultation should not be a problem.

Why? We believe that the cost is justified by the quality of the service we provide.

If we need to wait for 2 hours before the client is completely clear on how to resolve their problem, we’ll invest them.

In the case of immigration, everyone is in a different world.

This requires a thorough review of thoroughly the provisions in the various provisions of law to provide concrete solutions.

Consultations require preparation and time. This isn’t something you can get in a the free consultation.

2. Knowledge areas

The most important step to be sure to take prior to the decision to hire an immigration law firm is to determine whether they specialize only in immigration law or if they provide services in other areas of the Spanish law.

What is the significance of this?

In most cases you’ll need more than simply obtaining your visa.

Perhaps you are looking to set up the foundation of your business. Perhaps you want to know your tax obligations as a foreigner living in Spain and determine the taxes you’ll have to pay when you are settled in the country (which is available here, in case you’re interested).

There are also permits like the golden visa, which require the purchase of a home. It is a fact that if an immigration lawyer can, in addition to helping you obtain residency and assist you to with the entire property purchase and make sure you’re protected.

Therefore, having the expertise of a team who can provide an all-inclusive solution that covers every legal requirement you’ll face as a foreigner in Spain is crucial.

After all, after dealing with hundreds of application procedures An immigration lawyer has perfected the procedure.

Therefore, relying on an office which focuses solely on immigration doesn’t offer significant advantages in terms of specialization.

However, having a legal office that can assist you with all of your legal requirements is an absolute benefit.

Therefore, to ensure that all eventualities are to be covered (being taxes as well as business real estate, taxes, etc. ) Look for an office that is beyond the narrow scope of immigration.

3. Check that they typically assist those from the same country.

It’s the case the residence permit requirements for non-European citizens are identical for all. It is also the case that the criteria for obtaining each one are determined by the law on immigration generally and don’t depend on the person applying for them.

It is possible that there are some differences in the requirements required by every Spanish consulate.

Consider the example of the non-lucrative residence visa.

The law generally states that you must demonstrate the possession of EUR 26,000 (at at a minimum at a bank account). However, if you apply for this visa through the Spanish consulate in Moscow and you only show that amount the application will be denied.

Why? because in this particular case they request a sum that is greater than EUR 35,000.

This is why it is important (in the major) of selecting an attorney firm that has worked with clients of the same nationality.

If you have had experience with the consulate of your nation They will be aware of what requirements apply to your specific situation and the way you and your family members must follow to obtain the visa you need efficiently.

Another scenario where obtaining an answer that is generic, but more affordable, could become costly.

4. Verify the reputation of the business (read reviews)

In the past, the only way to determine if a business was trustworthy or not was to ask our friends and acquaintances to share their experience with the company.

But, it also had its challenges. For one it was highly unlikely to meet anyone who had been in contact with the company in question. The second reason is that perhaps one specific instance was not enough to draw any conclusions.

However, that’s no longer an issue.

There are numerous online platforms that allow us to read the opinions of past customers like Google reviews, Yelp or any other similar websites.

It’s the best way to learn about the opinions of other people like you, who have had the experience of being treated in the office they are at.

The number of favorable reviews could be an indication that you have chosen the best team.

We recommend that you do not use a one review as a source. It is better to read each one.

Naturally, every company will have unhappy customers.

This is the reason allowing yourself to be influenced by one negative review is not the best idea.

5. Administrative agent or lawyer, which is more effective?

Another question that is frequently asked can be whether or not it’s better to employ the services of an administrator (called “gestor” to Spain) or an attorney to oversee the application process.

While an administrative agent may handle your visa application the same manner as an attorney, it might not be the best option for you.


Since the first’s job is finished when the application is sent by the Spanish consulate in the country of origin, or to the appropriate immigration office.

The issue arises when that an application is denied. This happens a lot of times.

This is why choosing an immigration attorney was the best choice. An immigration lawyer can initiate the appeal process or start a court procedure to obtain approval for your visa.

Simply put the administrative agent can’t represent you in court. But a lawyer can.

6. Contact friends or other expats

It is a fact that the people who are able to give you an honest and authentic opinion regarding the services offered by a specific company are those close to your.

It is also likely that a family member or friend member has already relocated to the country you’d like to begin your new life. This is a fantastic opportunity to inquire about references prior to selecting the right lawyer.

It is certain to be the most impartial opinion that you will get.

Another good suggestion is to look for the expat community’s references online.

Today, there are hundreds expat communities that are on Facebook founded with the sole aim of supporting one another when they move abroad.

This is the ideal place to ask for suggestions or even opinions.

Not just to pick an attorney, these groups can assist you in choosing the right bank, home to purchase or the best place to join for recreational activities. In addition, they are the ideal place for meeting new friends!

7. Utilize the price as a guideline is it a reliable indicator?

It is possible to select the cheapest price.

In the end, who would want to spend for more?

But, as with many other aspects of life, you only get what you spend for.

Today, there are a plethora of immigration lawyers offering their services for a cheaper cost than their rivals.

This allows them to gain more customers. However, it’s also true that, the more customers they have the less attention they will give to each one of them.

However, there is a second aspect that is perhaps more significant, that price could indicate.

Similar to how an expensive vehicle provides more quality and reliability than a less expensive one, in the case of immigration, it’s the same.

Professionalism comes with a cost. When it comes to the move to another country and resolving all legal issues this brings that you should not take the risk.

It could be one of the most crucial aspects of your new living as an ex-pat, therefore, ensuring that you meet minimum standards and ensuring that you’ve made the right choice is crucial. Therefore, a price that is high could be a sign that you’re in good in good hands.

If you have additional concerns or would like to know what our lawyers can assist you don’t hesitate to reach us. We’ll charge you for an initial consultation, however we will guarantee you the best service and a completely personalized approach.