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What do you want from Law Tutoring?

Support for law tutoring on an GDL, BPTC or an LLB is essential for all students. Law tutoring may take various forms, including sharing notes or studying with other students. However, in some cases hiring an expert in law to provide you one-on-one advice, guidance, support and feedback can be very useful. In this blog post I discuss the different ways that law tutoring can help you.


If you’re in the UK there are lawyers through the MyTutoring Agency. They supply a range of law tutoring as well as in-person and online sessions.

Why should you invest in LAW Do you want to be a teacher?

It is possible to get law tutoring be beneficial for a variety of reasons. One of the main benefits is that it provides you a confidential, independent assistance system that is separate from your Law school professors and other students and is in many cases an uncomplicated environment to work in. Being able to have someone who is there only to assist you in achieving your goals can be very comforting, particularly during the times when Law School gets very tough.

Law tutoring in contrast to lectures

The fact that you are enrolled in a law tutoring program does not mean that you are not required to do your usual course work and contents. Tutors shouldn’t generally be used as replacements for your university/college tutors and professors. Tutors serve as a source of guidance and a accountable source. It’s still your responsibility to be organized and up to date with your course content. Without this your law tutor is going to be a challenge for you because you’ll struggle to move forward and develop your knowledge.

What are the motives for hiring an instructor?

Common reasons students who are on their GDL, BPTC or LLB require tutoring on their own are:

They’d like additional support for a certain subject;
They’d like to receive support as they create their study plan for the entire year and/or examination season;
They have received feedback about some work and are looking to gain more information on how to apply it;
They possess specific skills that they wish to acquire and master, for instance, reading and annotating cases and drafting a case note;
They want legal essay writing assistance and feedback
They’re looking for study aids specifically for specific subjects (flashcards and mindmaps).

What are your goals from Law Tutoring?

Whatever the reason you are looking for tutoring, it is important to take into consideration how tutoring can fit into your individual objectives. Law tutoring can only be beneficial when you know the goal you wish to achieve. There are a variety of things to think about. The first is ask yourself, what are your strengths? Are you doing well and are you confident? This can be a difficult question to answer where you are at the beginning of a course. It is my suggestion that you wait until you are settled into a course and have had the opportunity to fully engage with the material before mapping out the way that tutoring can benefit you.

How much law Tutoring should I get?

Certain people require only a small amount of law tutoring spread out over regular periods during an academic year or term. Certain people require more intensive legal tutoring, particularly around exam time. Together with your law tutor you will be able to determine what is the best for you. Something to remember is that your goal with law tutoring is to not require it. Your tutor cannot accompany you to the exam, and they cannot submit your assignments for you. Tutoring should help you feel more confident working in a group.