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Considerations Of A Wedding Marquee

The hiring of a wedding marquee is an excellent option for organize your wedding ceremony in your backyard garden or on an area of the location with limited capacity. If you’re thinking of renting a marquee for your wedding to host the wedding celebration, be sure to check the pros as well as pros and.

The reason why hiring a wedding marquee is a wonderful idea!

Flexible capacity

You can rent an outdoor marquee in accordance with the perfect amount of guests you wish to invite, instead of having to limit your guest list in order to fit within the restricted space available at your location. Wedding marquees come in different sizes. As long as you are able to fit the space in your garden you can rent the size you want.

A blank canvas

By hiring a wedding marquee, you aren’t bound by the current design or decor of the wedding venue and you can make your own theme by using lighting and colored or patterned drapesto create the space you’ve always wanted. There is an open canvas to design your wedding’s theme and decor, that is among the most appealing reasons to rent the wedding marquee.


If you’re making use of your garden and do not need to lease an area for your garden or park and a marquee for your wedding, renting one is less expensive than the cost of hiring a venue for your reception unless you want the most modern of features. You could reduce the cost of drinks and food too since you won’t require the services of a catering service that is provided by the venue.

Changeable layout

A marquee offers plenty of flexibility. For instance, you can tear off the sides if it is clear and dry or put down flooring in case it rains on the night prior to the wedding. You could also separate the dance floor and decorate it in a different way in comparison to the other areas of the marquee to give the illusion of drama as the band begins playing as the curtain is drawn back. It’s not difficult to alter the design of a marquee. You could simply put up curtains or screens, so you are able to decide whether you would like a separate space to serve drinks and food.

There are some potential disadvantages to the hiring of a marquee to hold weddings

Hiring services

A marquee hire also entails hiring the amenities that accompany it. The list of items you can hire may include tables, dance floors with tables and chairs, lighting, power supply and stage, a sound system and toilets for guests.

Noise problems

Marquees don’t have soundproofing, therefore if you’re holding the event in your garden, you could be causing trouble for neighbors, especially in the event that you’ve not invited guests! Wedding receptions generate plenty of sound especially if you’re hiring an entertainment company, or even DJ. It is likely that you will need to end the festivities with a specific time in order to show a sense to show respect to your neighbors.

Prices for the season

It is possible to have a marquee reception either in winter or summer however you’ll require various additional features like heating, air conditioning or flooring to make sure your guests are comfortably. A marquee is a seasonally-based location and is ideal for summer. It’s not surprising that these are also the most costly seasons to rent for a marquee.

Clean up following

If you are hiring an event venue, you can put all the mess up for the staff at the venue to clean up. However, if you have a marquee set up in your backyard, it’s likely that you’ll need at least some of the cleaning and tidying ahead of the time of the marquee provider who will tear it down. A marquee in the back of your garden means more responsibilities for both you and your husband or your family.