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Dream Venues Brought to Life: Finding Your Perfect Wedding Setting in Kent

Kent is a beautiful county in South East England spoiled for choice when it comes to idyllic wedding venues. With gorgeous historic buildings, elegant manor houses, rustic barns, and spectacular seaside spots, couples certainly have options when venue hunting. But with so many venues across Kent’s countryside and coastline, knowing what to prioritize can help you find the ideal fit for your big day. Read on for what to look for in selecting from the county’s top wedding venues.

Location, Location, Location

One of the most important factors is considering Kent’s diverse geography. Do you envision an intimate seaside ceremony overlooking the English Channel? Or exchanging vows amid the rolling hills and oast houses of the Weald? Cluster your venue search in the seaside towns along the East Kent coast like Broadstairs, Deal, and Hythe if ocean views are essential. For a countryside wedding, areas like Sevenoaks, Tonbridge, and Tunbridge Wells offer magnificent rural venues. Ensure the location suits the overall vision and ambience you want.

Accessibility is also key – analyze how easy or difficult the venue is for guests to get to. Proximity to major transport like motorways, rail stations and airports will make a difference. Provide clear directions, arrange group transport from hotels, or suggest local taxi services to ease any access challenges.

Venue Character and Charm

Kent is brimming with venues exuding rustic romance, elegant opulence, and timeless beauty. Seek out places exemplifying your preferred aesthetic, whether thats vintage charm, rustic chic or classic elegance. Historic venues like castles, country houses and manor estates capture the time-honored spirit of weddings through the ages. For a modern or industrial look, venues like barns, studios and galleries offer incredible flexibility. Or for nautical flair, oceanfront venues steal the show. Visit potential venues in person to get a feel for their unique personality and charm.

Ceremony and Reception Suitability

Carefully evaluate if a venue allows both the ceremony and reception in one convenient place. Having to relocate guests offsite after the service can disrupt the flow. All-inclusive venues keep celebrations contained. For larger weddings, some venues host ceremonies on grounds or in gardens then move inside for receptions. Include time for photos between the ceremony and meal. For smaller groups, venues with one exclusive room for the full event streamline the day.

Capacity and Guest Experience

Consider your estimated guest count when viewing venue spaces to ensure adequate capacity. Seating, dining areas, reception flow, and accommodation should all suit your numbers. But also evaluate the guest experience – even large venues should still feel intimate and special. Unique additions like al fresco dining, fireworks, accommodation cottages or amusement rides also enhance the overall experience. Factors like parking, accessibility for elderly relatives, child-friendly features and option to bring in your own food, drink and decor also impact the convenience and enjoyment for guests.

Food and Beverage Options

Most venues offer catering or partnerships with preferred caterers, but always clarify whats included. Packages with canapés, multi-course dinners, wines, and even late night snack stations complete the celebration. For more flexibility, some venues allow approved external caterers or self-catering. Discuss menus and options for accommodating dietary restrictions. Having a venue bar, wine list, or including drinks packages is ideal for reception toasts and easing bar tab costs.

Budget and Availability

Available dates will be limited at the most coveted wedding venues in Kent, so flexibility helps. Have a few timing options in mind for venues you love. Of course, factor in budget – Kent offers affordable and exclusive luxury options. All-inclusive packages help estimate total costs for venue, food, and decor. Be sure to account for extras like accommodation, entertainment, photography, flowers, cake, attire and more when budgeting.

With its diverse landscape and venue options, Kent offers Couples heavenly locations to say I do. Let your wedding personality and priorities guide the dream venue search. Stay open minded until you find the perfect fit. Then get ready to celebrate in spectacular style in this magical pocket of England!