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How Do You Style A Safari Jacket?

What are your thoughts when you look at an Land Rover Discovery or any off-road vehicle? An individual on an adventure to discover the wilds of any forest or who looks a lot like Bear Grylls and Wildlife influencers found through the National Geographic channel. Safari is the most widely famous, used word that is used by Adventurers in many ways. It refers to the journey or voyage that is very as adventure.

On this post, I will provide you with a brief guide on how to dress a safari jacket

It’s hardy cotton or cotton-blend made into a loose-fitting mid-length piece that has four pockets on the hips and the chest in earth-toned colors. The modern-day safari jackets are constructed from fabrics that breathe like cotton drill and adorned with trendy elements like open necks as well as epaulettes, and a belt that keeps all the pieces organized.

What Can You Expect From This Article?

The history of the Safari Jacket;

Second Boer War- In the early 1800s , British soldiers needed light clothing that was breathable and didn’t make them feel heavy in the scorching heat in South Africa. Their uniforms were made of cotton drills that were khaki, and typically included four bellows pockets that were placed on the waist and chest as well as a big shirt-collar, shoulder epaulets, and a waist belt. After a long time the US Army’s M-1943 field jacket was first introduced as a khaki-colored drill with a particular pockets, epaulettes and belt.

The practicality of the design:

The safari jacket, which was used as a uniform for a time played an important role in its design. The bellows pocket increased capacity of the bag. The wide collarspreads across the chest, made it more breathable and comfortable for the wearer. The belt that was slung at the waist made sure that the garment was secure.

Who wore the Safari Jackets

Abercrombie & Fitch the designers created The Safari Jacket to Ernest Hemingway in the 1930s who wore the practical and rugged appeal of Khaki drills. A&F plead for their jackets were constructed from an imported English cotton drill fabric which was crafted to keep rain out. They also claimed that it would be pliable, soft and untearable. flexible.

The classic film “Safari” with Douglas Fairbanks Jr. conveyed the rugged style of the Hollywood industry alongside Clarke Gable.

Roger Moore’sThe Classic James Bond in the 1960s, 70s, and 1980s featured safari suits in the big screen and influenced worldwide fan base. The suit was worn in numerous James Bond films as well as in many other films too. Finally, as is typical of an heir to the throne of status, the former Prince Charles is equally at ease in his unique Anderson & Sheppard suits as when he’s on the continent wearing an antique safari jacket.

Evolution from Khaki Drill into Safari Jackets

Nowadays, safari jackets for men are just as relevant and have moved beyond their earlier existence in terms of fashion and practicality. The elegant fabric and design makes the jacket wearable

Summers. It lets you rock the rugged look in places where you require beyond a shirt hot temperatures.

The design has changed over to the changing times and designers who created the stylesuch as Tom Ford, Ralph Lauren and other brands such as Abercrombie and Barbour have variations too.

A safari-style jacket can be among of the most adaptable outerwear options currently available. The safari jacket is no longer considered an exclusive garment for the elite as the majority of its military-inspired counterparts transcended its roots and has become a major sub-genre of modern menswear. If you’re in search of an alternative to the classic blazer, or you’re looking for a light jacket that you can wear over jeans and a white T-shirt the safari jacket is a great alternative that’s only going to increase in value as time passes.

How to style an Safari Jacket

If you want to be the center of attention, there are a variety of ways to wear the safari jacket with style. Additionally, there are some important aspects you should be aware of before you begin showing off your style.


The best way to show off your safari jacket is to keep it simple. Don’t wear anything which competes with it in terms of style. Dress in a basic T-shirt, paired with jeans or earthy-colored boots to look chic and stylish.


John Frankenstein’s outfit is most hilarious when it comes to safari jackets: a red tie with black oxfords, and an open front. This is the most sophisticated look you can get in the saga of the safari.


The safari jacket is a stylish option as well. If you are accustomed to a formal gathering in the summer months then don formal clothing and semi-formal corduroy with moccasins and you’ll be able to show off your personality and style while wearing that safari-inspired jacket.


This type of style is perfect suitable for those who enjoy the wild. The jacket that has pockets and epaulettes are essential for carrying ammo on your hunts or taking camera equipment with you when you’re out on a shoot. It’s easy to dress your feet with a pair of boots and shorts and you’re ready to go.

Closing Thoughts

Combining all of the factors to understand how sturdy this outerwear is. Safari Jackets are not only fashionable, but also practical while being fashionable. The minimal design of the jackets make them more comfortable to wear. No more epaulettes , or prison belts on your belly. Instead, streamlined pockets, shorter lengths, and a concealed placket create Safari jackets your outerwear of preference.