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Ashu Says Video On Social Media Is Doctored, Complains To CID

Ashu Marasinghe, former advisor to President Ranil Wickremesinghe today lodged a complaint with the CID alleging that a doctored video regarding him had been released and was circulating on social media.

He said it was a fabricated matter and that it was in the hands of the courts now.

His lawyer Attorney-at-law Pravi Karunaratne said Prof. Marasinghe had lodged a complaint with the CID prior to this incident over a threat involving a business matter.

He said his client had a threat over a dispute in a company where Marasinghe and a certain lady were directors.

SJB member Hirunika Premachandra and a woman named Adarshaa Karadana who claimed to be Marasinghe’s girlfriend, yesterday released a video of Prof. Ashu Marasinghe, allegedly showing him sexually abusing a dog.

Karadana claimed she was in a relationship with Marasinghe for two years after meeting him online.

Karadana who appeared with Premachandra yesterday in front of the media was an active member at the Aragalaya.

Although Karadana said she had secretly videoed Marasinghe sexually abusing the dog, an investigator said that they suspect Karadana did in fact film these acts that may have taken place in the past two years but decided to go public after a spat between the two lovers. Investigators also called it as a classic case of ‘revenge porn’.