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Cop Complains Over Verbal Abuse By SJB MP’s Son

A complaint was lodged with the Weeraketiya police station by the policeman who was involved in an argument with a senior SJB MP’s son at the Bendigama Interchange on the Southern Expressway.

A video footage is circulating on social media showing a motorist, alleged to be the son of SJB Parliamentarian Dilip Wedaarachchi, shouting at the policeman at the Bendigama Interchange because the policeman did not let him have his way.

The incident was reported yesterday, the police said. The policeman on duty at the interchange stopped the vehicle before it entered the expressway due to a refrigerator being carelessly loaded on the vehicle.

As per the video footage, the policeman had advised the driver not to enter the expressway as it was not safe to travel along with the loaded refrigerator, but the man in the driver’s seat and a female passenger on board started scolding the policeman using obscene language.

Later, the motorist got himself out of the scene by reversing his vehicle swiftly without exposing his identity.

The policeman had lodged a complaint on this in incident with the Weeraketiya police station. (Chaturanga Samarawickrama)