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Dinesh Schaffter’s Probe Takes A New Turn

The investigation into the death of businessman Dinesh Schaffter, who died mysteriously, has now taken a new turn following the recovery of several evidences with investigators now suspecting that he may have committed suicide.

This development reportedly developed when investigators found a piece of wire in his home similar to the wire tied around Schaffter’s neck at the time of his death. Also, some cable ties similar to ones used to tie Schaffter’s hands were found in his house.

In the middle of the investigation, the investigating officers suspects whether Schaffter committed suicide, but according to the autopsy on Schaffter’s death revealed that businessman died as a result of strangulation with a zip-wire cable.

In the meantime, investigators have focused on letters that Schaffter allegedly wrote few days ago before the incident to his mother-in-law and it is said that it contains emotional comments.

The letter he sent to his mother-in-law that says “Thank you very much for raising such a good daughter”.

Also, the investigations revealed that, Schaffter had advertised in a newspaper to sell his house at Flower Road, in which he had lived.

Meanwhile, it was reported that Shafter had suffered multiple losses after investing millions of rupees in various business ventures after failing to recover money.

Police Spokesman SSP Nihal Thalduwa said that investigations have not ruled out whether it was a murder or suicide and that the CID is investigating the incident on each angle.

Also, he said Police have so far recorded statements from more than 70 persons including family members. Dinesh Schaffter’s wife, two brothers and a sister were among those questioned. (Darshana Sanjeewa Balasuriya)