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Police Respond To Video On Interprovincial Travel Concerns

Colombo, May 22 (Daily Mirror) – In response to a recent social media clip depicting a driver being fined for not transferring vehicle ownership and for not carrying a vehicle registration certificate, which has sparked confusion among the public, the police have issued a clarification on the incident.

In a widely circulated video, a female police officer on traffic duty was seen requesting a driver to provide documents proving ownership of the vehicle, as it was being driven in the Sabaragamuwa Province but registered to an individual in the Central Province.

The driver questions whether it is prohibited to drive a vehicle between these provinces, asserting that he hasn’t committed any traffic violations.

The officer was seen explaining that the offense lies in not transferring the vehicle ownership to the current owner. The driver further queried whether he could not drive a vehicle obtained on rent. The officer responded, saying that he can, but must carry all necessary documents, including the vehicle registration certificate.

When the Daily Mirror contacted Traffic Director SSP Manoj Ranagala for clarification on whether carrying a vehicle registration certificate is mandatory when travelling between provinces, he said that it is not necessary.

“There is no barrier for anyone to travel between provinces or to travel anywhere in the country if they possess required documents, such as a valid driving license, insurance, and revenue license,” SSP Ranagala said.

SSP Ranagala claimed that the person in the video was confusing the situation and explained that the female officer has questioned the driver about the ownership transfer, as his license and insurance were under different names than the vehicle owner’s.