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Home > Proposed Ganja Cultivation May Destroy The Crippled Nation: Ven. Sobitha Thera

Proposed Ganja Cultivation May Destroy The Crippled Nation: Ven. Sobitha Thera

Any attempt to legalize the cultivation of cannabis (ganja) by naming it as “Triloka Patra” is the beginning of the downfall which will completely pulverise the already-crippled nation, Ven. Omalpe Sobitha Thera said.

Addressing the media, he said while introducing the cultivation of cannabis would bring in economic benefits, there is already an organized plan to divert the minds of the people in that direction.

The first public comment on this was made by a woman posing as a Parliamentarian, who has been alleged of being a member of Parliament without even holding Sri Lankan citizenship.

“That woman doesn’t have any responsibility towards this country. She is a person who is working for an agency in some other country. She manipulates all the tasks assigned to her by that so-called agency. Acting as a spy, she does what foreign governments want her to do.

The President by giving her permission for such activities shows clearly that there is an underhand trick in operation. Granting cabinet approval to legalize cultivating ganja can be considered as a sin that betrays the entire nation.

“We can have debates and dialogues to discuss the issue. It is true that cannabis is known as a medicine, but it is used illegally, which is classified as a dangerous drug. Cannabis was allowed to be used as medicine by Ayurvedic doctors. We cannot ban drugs, but we should stop abusing them,” the prelate said.

He said 372 Ayurvedic medicinal herbs which are used in the production of ayurvedic medicines for export had to be suspended due to dearth of ingredients.

“All ingredients used in the production of Ayurvedic medicines are being imported from other countries. Now the imports have been banned due to dollar crunch. The ingredients such as Aralu, Bulu, Nelli, Patpadagam, Binkohomba, Kotala Himbutu, Venivalgata etc. are in short supply for manufacturing Ayurvedic medicine products,” he said.

He said while we have the capability to cultivate these ingredients, the government is trying to promote an illegal ingredient. If we cultivate the aforementioned ingredients, the country could be proud of exporting them as Sri Lankan ayurvedic products, according to the learned prelate. (Chaturanga Samarawickrama and Indika Sri Aravinda)