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Why Is London Pest Management So Important?

The process of managing pests can also be a factor in the protection of our health as well as our food products. It is crucial to ensure the security of all people that we have an effective pest management system.

What is the reason why Pest Management important?


Around 20 percent of the world’s food sources are consumed by rodents. Rodents are the primary carriers of harmful pests like ticks, fleas and mites. These animals carry diseases that can be transmitted to animals and humans. Deaths and fires resulting due to them, are caused by rodents across the UK. More than 15,000 people get regularly bitten by rodents which can cause diseases such as salmonella, rat bite fever as well as Trichinosis, the plague and leptospirosis.


Around One million Brits are allergic to insects that sting and around 200,000 are admitted to an emergency room due to insect bites and stings every year. The number of people who die from insect stings ranges from 20 up to 75 per year. Pests such as fleas mosquitoes, and ticks could transmit dangerous illnesses to humans, such as malaria plague, malaria, Lyme Disease, and West Nile Lyme Disease.

Bed Bugs

In the past, bed bugs were rare. Pest control experts are now working together to decrease the number of bed bug infestations again.


Cockroaches contain allergens to which a large number of people (7-8 percent of the population) have an allergy to. According to research conducted by the AAFA the third most significant asthma trigger for children is the allergen a roach! Cockroaches are thought as one of the dirtiest insect species that are known to exist. A huge number of pathogens as well as bacteria can be present on cockroaches.

If it wasn’t the case, pest management techniques would be ineffective and food crops would be in peril and pests would eat over 50% of the crops.
Health officials in the public sector use insects to study human lives with regards to health, including improved pharmaceuticals and vaccines sanitation, as well as the capability to control the use of pesticides. The life expectancy of humans has increased over the decades of studies and improvements in health field. For instance, a child born around 1900 could have an duration of 49 years contrasted with 2012 where a newborn is predicted to live for 78 years. Without the use of pest management practices as well as food sanitation food safety, food regulation, and health standards would not be feasible.

Protect yourself from dangerous pests and costly damage repairs

Health hazards are always at when you encounter a pest issue. We suggest that anyone to immediately eliminate the pests and clean surfaces that you and your family are in contact to stay clear of getting sick. Regularly utilizing a pest control E1 program is essential for ensuring the proper protection against insects. It’s not just about the appearance of bugs is a problem and a nuisance, but they’re also considered to be dangerous and create an unsanitary environment when they’re indoors. It is recommended that residents seek assistance from a professional for any pest problem! You will save both time and money by tackling pests earlier.