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Ways To Make Your New Goalkeeper Gloves Last Longer

You’ve just bought new, top-of-the-line kids goalkeeper gloves. What do you need to do to make the most use of the gloves you bought for goalie? Today, we’ll guide you through the proper size and regular care for your new gloves for goalkeepers!

To the majority of keeping players, the gloves can be as crucial as cleats. They not only keep your hands safe during play however, they help you grasp the ball in a game. For goalkeeper gloves to last they don’t just require a perfect fit, but they also need to be maintained.

Here are some of our suggestions to maximize the durability and comfort of your favourite GK gloves, ensuring that you’re able to play to your highest potential each time you play the field.

1. Be aware of your glove’s size and the fit. Making sure the glove fits correctly is vitally important. A properly fitting glove will provide ease of use, comfort, and the most natural interaction with the ball while catching. If your gloves are too large or small they will not only hinder your performance, but will also speed up wearing and tear on the gloves.

2. Make sure they are clean. Every week , we recommend you clean your gloves with warm water and then dry them in a natural manner away from powerful source of warmth. The more filthier your palms get and the less grip they’ll provide because of the buildup of dirt, sweat, and bacteria that are present in the latex. The buildup of contamination is present across all gloves, but particularly on the latex on the palms and fingers that will wear out much more quickly if they aren’t properly maintained.

3. Dry your gloves, but not completely. It’s crucial to dry your goalie gloves in a proper manner. We suggest using the highest quality latex, specifically the kind you’ll use on gloves designed for wet conditions , that you do not always allow your gloves to get dry. There’s a fine line between the smell of wet keeper gloves and the effect dry gloves actually have on its performance and durability.

It is likely that if you let your gloves completely dry, they’ll tear in time. It is possible to avoid this by giving the glove a gentle dousing in water prior to engaging. This is so that the latex in the palms is energized and the the glove becomes more flexible and soft.

4. Storage for the gloves you use for goalie. If you store wet gloves for more than a week without thorough cleaning will cause them to smell and trigger growing bacteria inside the gloves. We recommend not placing gloves that have the palms against each other as the latex on both palms will bind and eventually tear when pulled apart to prepare for the next session. Also, it is important to properly store the gloves inside your bag for glove storage. Be sure to not let the gloves be stored with your palms facing each other. The latex needs to breathe, and although one of the most effective methods for storing them using a bag for glove storage, you should have a way to dry them without the palms facing one another. Most glove bags have two sides that make it easier to separate the gloves this is a fantastic solution for proper storage.