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Benefits of Video Production for Small Businesses

Video marketing can be a fantastic way to interact with customers and to provide the audience you want to reach with your marketing. But, it is important to consider the advantages and disadvantages of using video marketing before you begin. Absolutely, videos can be very labor-intensive. They take a significant amount of time to make and edit and edit can be a bit tedious. But the reward is worth the effort.
If you’re thinking of the addition of video marketing to your small-business strategy You’ll need to be aware of the advantages of video production, and how it can aid in your growth.

The Reasons Small Businesses Should Think about the use of video marketing

If you are a small-business owner it is obvious that you need to maximize your marketing budget. However, determining which channels are most effective can be an exhausting task. Although the saying “content is the most important thing” is still true, the kind of content that is to be most effective in reaching users is shifting.

Recent studies have revealed there is an average 33.7 percent of people are spending between four and ten hours per week on YouTube watching videos and an additional 27.2 percent stating that they are spending longer than 10 hours each every week watching video online. The numbers have risen quite a bit, primarily because of the pandemic. 68% of users believe that the virus has affected the quantity of videos they view on the internet and 96% of them say that their time spent online has actually increased.

What is this going to mean for small-scale businesses? In the event of 93% marketers affirming they consider video to be an essential element of their marketing strategy and the majority of 87% agreeing that it has an ROI that is positive, it’s the ideal method to reach a wide market quickly. And it’s an essential part of any small-business marketing plan.

5 Advantages of Video Production For Your Small Business

Film production for small businesses is an excellent option to gain clients, generate more leads, and establish strong relationships with customers. Here are five advantages to video creation that must not overlook:

1. Greater Brand Awareness

Videos are the most effective method to get your company known. Studies have revealed that about 90% of users discover new brands or products when surfing YouTube and 70 percent of them claiming to have bought something from a brand because of the videos they’ve seen. However, even with such a huge potential to be able, less than 9 percent of small-scale companies across the United States use video platforms such as YouTube as part of their marketing strategies.

Consumers are spending more time online watching videos small-scale businesses could benefit tremendously from the addition of video production to their marketing strategy to boost brand recognition.

2. Enhance Engagement on Social Media Engagement

With around 3.6 billion people on social media, it’s no surprise for small businesses to use these platforms to benefit. But simply establishing an account on Facebook and Instagram profile isn’t sufficient. It is essential to create a community. This includes increasing engagement on social media whenever possible.

Research shows that videos on social media are a great source for companies. In one study 62% of respondents believed that they had a greater interest in a brand or product after watching a video of it on the form of a Facebook Story, while another study revealed that videos on social media could generate as high as 1200 percent more shares than texts and images.

3. Improves understanding of your products and services

When it’s time to inform your customers about your company and the services you can offer them Research shows that customers prefer interaction via video content rather than traditional texts. 90% of marketing professionals believe that video content has increased awareness of their offerings or services for viewers.

It’s almost impossible to describe an item or service in the use of text on its own. Videos are an excellent way to help customers understand the product or service you’re selling, the reasons it’s important and how it performs.

4. Builds Trust

There are many benefits to video production Essex for small-scale firms among the most significant is that it can help create trust between your customers and you. With the majority of consumers being skeptical of businesses in general video content can help in creating trust with your clients. Not only does the powerful effectiveness of video content establish credibility as well, it can to boost your company’s credibility to the satisfaction of your clients.

Video can be utilized in a variety of ways to build trust. This includes sharing informative videos that highlight your brand or products, and testimonials from customers. Studies have shown 90% of consumers aged 18-34 claim that they are as trusting of reviews from customers more than a recommendation from a friend and you shouldn’t not take advantage of this chance to reach out to your target audience.

5. Consumers prefer video content

The majority of consumers are watching online videos, which suggests that video content is a popular kind of content. When given an option between various types of content such as ebooks, articles, or infographics for information of new services or products 68% said they prefer watching videos over other forms of content.

The video content can be more entertaining and more enjoyable to read than text. Studies show that people who view videos retain 95 percent of what they watched and only 10% who read text. Small entrepreneurs are able to communicate their message much more easily when they use videos, and are also able to reach a wider public than if they use text-only.

Get started reaping the benefits of Video Production Today!

The advantages from video content for small-scale businesses are numerous, and can be extremely beneficial when they are done right. If you’re looking to learn what video can do to help build trust with your clients, increase customers’ understanding of your products and brand and create sales and leads for your business, you should invest on video content.