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Key Reasons Why Remote IT Support Can Help Grow Your London Business

Remote IT support could be a key factor in boosting productivity for businesses which have employees working at home. It is evident that the pandemic has triggered an entire revolution in the working environment and many companies are moving into the realm of remote and hybrid work. The uncertainty surrounding limitations has meant that companies continue to offer greater remote working options to their employees over the long time. It’s not just an COVID trend, but hybrid working is going to be around for the long haul. Are you using the correct IT infrastructure in place to accommodate this?

There are many benefits that come with remote IT support London for your company even if you’re staying with a traditional way of working. Let’s take a look at the main reasons behind why remote IT support can boost the growth of your business and remove obstacles to success.

1. Empowering remote workers

If your employees are working at the head office or satellite offices, or even their home, they must all get the same level of IT support. One of the great things regarding remote IT support is that regardless of the location you send a ticket from, the process of responding is uniform. That means that even if your employees are working at home and encounter technical issues, they’re not alone. With the help of resources to them, their IT issues will be solved swiftly and effectively.

2. Make sure your business is secure

Home workers typically use their own Internet connection, which might not be more secure than the one that you use in your office. Remote IT support ensures that patches and updates can be applied easily and the antivirus software can be properly installed.

3. Let the experts do it.

If you have on-site IT, you are limited to the person who is working that day in order to solve your issue. If you choose remote IT support service, this means that your issue will be assigned to the person on the team that is most in the position to handle it. If your employees send an issue ticket the support department, you’ll have access to a team of experts with a range of expertise.

4. Solutions that can scale

Remote IT support is able to grow as your company expands, and it eliminates the requirement for companies to employ an internal support team for IT. The retainer that you pay monthly in place with an IT support provider will have to be regularly reviewed to ensure that the service is still in line with the needs of your business. With standardised processes in place, remote IT support allows new employees to become proficient quickly once they have been enrolled.

5. Reduced time to shut down

There’s nothing more frustrating than being shut out of an application or system for a long period of time and having your staff in a solitary position, twitching their fingers. There must be a procedure in place to ensure that, if this happens that the company can be back online in a short time. Another benefit for remotely-based IT assistance is the fact that the staff are capable of reacting quickly to any issue that may arise and get you back online as quickly as is possible.

Remote working that is successful must have the support of a whole range of digital workplace tools like Microsoft Teams, VPNs, cloud storage for files and more. At Reality Solutions we can help with all of these.

6. Costs are correlated to use

Another advantage that Remote IT assistance is the fact that you do not have the additional burden of hiring or training employees in IT. Businesses typically make a retainer payment monthly, based on the amount of support they need every month. This allows you to set aside your IT budget in a consistent manner every month and not have to be concerned about unexpected costs. Remote help for IT is a much cheaper method of managing the internal IT systems.

7. 24/7 Support

Remote monitoring is a great way to monitor IT issues. With the availability of resources, IT problems are both addressed and solved quickly. Support for IT remotely is much superior to traditional on-site support mostly due to the wide range of support options. Your team can reach the phone, send an email or go to live chat, or even raise an issue ticket if they encounter any IT problems.

8. Monitoring and maintenance that is proactive

The most significant benefit of the ability to provide remote IT support is that it’s a proactive approach as opposed to a reactive approach. Remote monitoring is installed on the most important technology assets, like servers and servers, the remote IT help desk will be informed whenever there is a chance to identify problems. It could be about an hour before the issue begins to affect the company. This also means that experts are able to solve problems and intervene before they become too serious.

There you go the main advantages from remote IT support. For more details on the customized support package we can create for your company, please get in touch with us.