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Want to know why SSL is essential? Here are our 5 key reasons

Are SSL vital? Do I really need SSL? Do I need to buckle the seatbelt during driving? Do I have to wear protective eyewear during the viewing of the eclipse of the sun? For the three first questions are concerned the answer is an ‘YES’! Similar answer applies to the fourth question!

Okay we’ll stop here. this.

If you have blogs or websites in 2022, it’s time to get SSL. It’s as easy as that. A SSL certificate is not a luxury anymore; it’s a necessity in today’s world.

These are the five main advantages of using a cheap SSL certificate.

1. SSL Protects Data

The main purpose that the SSL certificate is the ability to safeguard the server-client communications. After installing SSL all information is secured. In plain English the data is encrypted and is only unlocked by the intended user (browser or server) since no other person is able to unlock the data. When dealing with sensitive information like passwords, IDs or credit card numbers and so on., SSL helps you defend yourself from the nefarious team of skimmers and hackers. Since the data is converted into an unreadable format with SSL hackers’ skills, they are a useless weapon against the incomparable encryption technology that comes with SSL certificates.

2. SSL Verifies Your Identity

The other primary function that SSL certificates is that they SSL certificate is that it will authenticate the website. Identity verification is among the most crucial elements of internet safety is involved. There’s no doubt that the internet is becoming misleading. One time, in 2009, a person traveled over 400 miles to meet with a girl who he met through Facebook but was surprised to learn that he had been swindled by two friends who were supporting an opposing football club. However, not all stories are humorous. There are instances where people have suffered losses of thousands of dollars due to fake websites. This is the reason why SSL certificate comes in.

If you are planning to set up the SSL certificate for your business, you have to be able to pass through a validation procedure that is conducted through an uninvolved third-party known as the Certificate Authority (CA). Based on what kind of certificates you have being used, the CA confirms the authenticity of you and your business. Once you’ve proved your authenticity, your site will be awarded assurances of trust, proving your credibility. If users see them, they are aware of who they’re talking with.

Consider this as confirmed Twitter account. The only difference is that you have to prove your identity on the website rather than for the Twitter account. This verification ensures that no imposter can create an unauthentic website that pretends to be you. Technically speaking it is known as Phishing. Therefore, SSL assists users in driving to your site and protects them from fraudulent websites and improves your brand’s reputation.

3. Improved Search Engine Ranking

The year 2014 was the time that Google changed its algorithms to give an advantage to websites that are HTTPS-enabled. This is apparent in numerous studies done by SEO experts across the globe. One investigation that was conducted by Brian Dean, founder of has a clear relationship between HTTPS and improved ranking in search engines.

Who wouldn’t like to be featured on Google’s first page isn’t it?

4. SSL helps you meet PCI/DSS requirements

If you are accepting online payments, you should be aware of a few things regarding PCI/DSS regulations. For online transactions to be accepted your website has to be PCI-compliant. A valid SSL certificate is among the 12 essential specifications set by the payment sector (PCI).

Thus, SSL is essential–whether you would like it or not.

5. SSL Increases Trust of Customers

If it was our decision we’d change the name SSL (Secure Socket Layer) to TTL (Trust Transmitting Layer). However, that’s not the case. But that doesn’t hinder us from praising the virtues of TTL certificates. TTL — err, SSL certificate. Alongside authentication and encryption, SSL certificates are vital in terms of trust from the customer’s standpoint. The simple to spot indications inform the user that the information they transmit is secure. If you’ve set up an SSL certificate, such as OV or EV, they will be able to view your business’ information. If they can verify the legitimacy of your business and that you’re a legitimate business, they’re more likely to conduct business with you, or return to your site.

Google Creates SSL Mandatory in 2018

To provide a more secure internet browsing experience starting in to the end of 2018, Google has decided to mark websites that do not have SSL/TLS Certificate on their websites. If a website does not follow this standard and all of the top web browsers that are used across the world, including Google Chrome & Firefox Mozilla will punish them with an alert message that reads “Not Secure” on the bar for URL. It is likely that in the near future, your websites could be blocked from loading on the browser. Whatever site you are on from your personal blog to a shopping site, SSL is required and not complying with this requirement could result in the loss of customers which isn’t something that the owner of a site would like to have to deal with.

Closing Up

How secure do you feel if your browser alerted you to websites that are “not secured”? This is because it will be displayed in the next version of Chrome even if you don’t possess one. SSL certificate. Would you like this? Sure, but you shouldn’t.

What is your time wasting? Explore our extremely affordable selection of SSL certificates and add an unbeatable protection for your site.