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Why Having A Professional GP Surgery Website Is Important

How efficient is your GP practice’s website in engaging your patients and providing them with information? As more and more patients are searching online to get the information they require and want, let us review some of the main benefits of an online presence that is effective of your business.

User-Friendly and responsive designs

Does your website include clearly marked sections, so users can immediately see where they can go to make an appointment, purchase prescriptions or sign up as an incoming patient? Ideally, your GP Practice website should be clearly marked, so that your patients are able to easily and quickly determine where they should get the information they require.

It’s becoming more and more commonplace for users to utilize different devices for browsing and browse the internet, with more than half of users accessing websites using tablets or phones. This means that it’s essential to ensure that your website is responsive . Images as well as text displayed on the site should automatically adjust to the screen’s size regardless of whether it’s the landscape or portrait.

NHS England’s Accessibility Information Standard means Practices must ensure that any information given to patients is presented in a way that they can comprehend, and that they have the right assistance to communicate with the clinic. The providers of GP website design put a lot of emphasis on accessibility for disabled patients and security, which means that all patients are able to easily communicating with you and get an equal amount of information.

Benefits of Offering Online Services.

How do you make it easy possible for patients connect with you on the internet? If your website contains healthcare information that is syndicated by NHS and online forms, patients are able to use a variety of your services on the internet instead of calling your practice or making an appointment. Self-service options ease the burden on your GP practices appointments, telephone lines, and receptionists.

NHS England list some of the benefits of providing online services to patients and practices, such as facilitating communication between practices and patients and a reduction in the necessity that patients travel and the reduction of DNAs for practices, where online services allow patients to make appointments.

Another benefit is that it reduces the administrative burden of your practice staff by decreasing the need for phone calls from patients and visits. The extra time can be utilized to make improvements to other aspects of healthcare services to offer better service to patients, including those who prefer or needto, visit in person or reach with you via telephone.

Security is essential for patients and Practitioners

For security and security, you GP Practice website should have a specific SSL certificate. This means it’s got secured connections and it’s secure for patients to provide their personal details on your site. This provides you and your patients with faith and confidence in the practice’s online offerings.

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has led to a higher awareness about data security for a lot of people, and so using the SSL certificate is an excellent method to let visitors know that your site is secure. Search engines like Google are also aware that websites are equipped with SSL certificates and provide them with an advantage in their ranking, which means that your site is more easy to find for your customers.

We will keep your website secure, safe and up-to-date, by providing professional designed and supported websites for a variety of GP practices across the nation. Contact us to find out more information today!