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Considerations Of A Trip To Marrakesh

Marrakesh is a city that tourists either love or dislike. However, it’s also one of those places where you have be able to adapt your expectations and prepare yourself for an experience unlike any other. I enjoy Marrakesh.

In actual fact I’ve been back to Marrakesh two times since my first visit , and I’m not sure if I’m required to go back to explore more.

Learn my top tips and what you should do prior to your trip towards Marrakesh so that you don’t make a mistake. I hope that you fall in love with Marrakech just like I have. Even if you’re only going to Marrakech for an evening or weekend.

Marrakesh Tourism Tips What You Need to Know Be Prepared to Avoid Disappointment

1. Don’t rely on any weather forecasts

Be prepared for extreme hot and cold conditions.

Prior to arriving in Marrakesh I checked the forecast for weather and it was an average temperature of 18-25 degrees. I’m thankful I packed an extra coat when I left home since it turned out that it was cold in Marrakesh.

It was funny, but my phone was still displaying 20 degrees. I’m sure it wasn’t higher than seven Celsius (44 F).

2. Be prepared to get lost No Whatever

In Marrakesh it is necessary to ignore maps. Maps aren’t useful Marrakesh, particularly in the Medina where the streets reminded me similar to Italian ones, but were busy and complicated.

It’s not just Google Maps. Google Maps gets lost all the time, so make sure to recall your stroll back to your hotel or riad.

My suggestion: If you would like to stay in the Medina it is possible to book a riad next to the gate. If you do get lost, you’ll have the ability to seek out what the gates’ name is. In addition, you won’t be required to transport your luggage too away from the taxi since no cars are permitted inside the Medina.

3. Marrakesh is safe for female Travelers, if You Follow the necessary precautions

I have read many female blogs where women wrote about the way they were hounded by locals. I’ve not experienced any such harassment at all, not even on either my initial or subsequent visits.

Actually I have found Mexico as more annoying, and having lived in Mexico one could conclude that it’s not so bad.

The people of Morocco were all very welcoming to me. There were a few vendors were annoying However, I swiftly replied at them with French to tell them that they must behave, and I’m not buying any items, and they immediately stopped.

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4. Keep in mind that a word can mean A Plenty in Marrakech

In terms of the locals and their friendly nature There is one thing that can change quite a bit in Marrakesh – the meaning behind the”promise. The main square – Djemaa El Fna, there are a variety of stands selling food, dried fruits, nuts and souvenirs.

When I went out to purchase some almonds and dates with a woman at a hostel, the man reduced the price when we promised to come to him the next day.

Initially, I did not believe it, but I returned the following day. I got literally 4 times the amount of dates as well as nuts at about 20 percent of the cost.

The man I spoke to said that many people are liars in order to secure an affordable price, however If he believes honesty in honest people, they are willing to give them the best price possible.

I have to say that for every person who is nice in Marrakesh there’s a scam artist who is trying to trick tourists. If someone in the street attempts to contact them in English and inform you without warning that a street is closed, they will drag you into a shop to purchase something from their store.

5. Prepare to debate with Taxi Drivers

Unfortunately, there are numerous taxi scams that occur in Marrakesh. The most frequent areas where scammers are targeted are at the airport, where it will cost around 50 to 70 dirhams to travel to the medina. However, drivers will not accept less than 350.

I’m actually not surprised when to see them do this since I’ve witnessed many travelers agreeing with that price.

If you do not contest the price, you will not be able to pay the normal amount. Arguments did not work for me. Then I reduced the price to 100 dirhams. This was still a lot however, I was at least not completely fooled.

However, you may need to make a reservation for your taxi at the airport if do not want to haggle after a long drive. This is a reliable and reasonable alternative.
6. You can Book Luxury Accommodation at a low cost

There are a lot of luxury riads and hostels located in Marrakesh as well. They’re inexpensive. You don’t need to shell out an exorbitant amount of money on trendy places such as La Mamounia (unless you really would like to stay there, but keep in mind that you can make reservations for their spa without). Actually, I think Royal Mansour is better quality.

On my first trip I stayed in Riad Dar Anika , which proved to be a lot higher than I would have wanted for at this rate.

When I returned with my spouse, I was at an exquisite riad for only $100 per night at Riad Palais Sebban. It was unique Take a look at the pool below.

I also went to Riad Be that was beautiful and I can attest for it, too.

7. Be prepared for a lot of fun on Jamaa el Fna Square

Jamaa el Fna is the most important area of Marrakesh and it’s completely crazy. There are people who will try to get you to purchase items and charge you to take photos of them.

They may use snakes, monkeys and all the other animals they discover onto your shoulders. Yes, they will hurt these animals.

Don’t let this stop you from taking advantage of the square. I was awestruck by the food stalls and would highly recommend them to any tourist. Yes, it’s touristy but it’s not one of those tourist traps.

8. There are two different Sahara Tours – Don’t Get Ignored by Vendors

On my first trip to Morocco I was scammed from a regional tour company. There wasn’t much information about Morocco in the past however, today you’re fortunate to have research has been conducted for you.

It is possible that you can choose either a 2- or 3-day excursion in the desert, starting at Marrakesh and they’re both the identical, but one of them is longer. These aren’t the same trips and take you to different destinations!

9. If You’re Not Having Enough time for an Desert Trip – Do a Balloon Tour

If you don’t have the time to go on a long desert excursion and traverse over the Atlas Mountain, you can enjoy a taste of the mountains via the hot balloon.

In fact, even if you have time, you must take an air balloon ride as it will give you a totally different experience.