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Returning to Snowboarding: Important Factors

If you’ve been on a Snowboarding break of over 10 years or just took some time off and are wondering how easy it is to return. This was one of my concerns after having to take some time off. I used to think about if snowboarding was similar to riding a bicycle and how easy it would be to get back to my favorite snow sport.

The experience of snowboarding is similar to riding a bicycle. Through repetition it becomes natural. If you’ve stopped Snowboarding for a while, it will be easy to pick it back up again quickly and easily in contrast to learning as a complete beginner, this is due to muscle memory.

Let’s look at the elements that affect speeds and the ease getting back to snowboarding. I’ve also got a few useful tips that will make the transition as smooth as possible.

Returning to Snowboarding: Important Factors

Snowboarding is similar to riding a bike in the sense that once you’ve acquired the basics and are comfortable out on the slopes, getting back into snowboarding is a breeze. There are some significant factors that will influence how easy it will be to get back on the board.
How Much Time We’ve Away from Snowboarding

The amount of time you’ve spent absent from snowboarding will determine the speed at which you can to get back to your previous level of performance.

If you’ve been off from snowboarding for a lengthy time, for example, 10+ years, then generally speaking , it’ll take some time to return to the rhythm of things. But, you’ll be very surprised at how fast you’ll be in a position to pick it back up.

If it’s been only an eon since you last had a chance to snowboard in the past, this won’t be a problem in the least. Within a day to half the day of riding you’ll feel very confident again in your abilities. While recovering from an injury, I was away from snowboarding for two years, and honestly, I had no problem getting back into it.

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If it’s been only an entire year since you last boarded, you don’t have anything to worry about . In fact, this kind of time off is very frequent. Snowboarding is seasonal and many people only get the chance to take a snowboarding trip for one week per year.
Previous Experience

As a rule of thumb, the more experience you had previously, and the more advanced your ability, the easier you will find it to get back into snowboarding.

If you weren’t proficient in the foundational skills the last time you went snowboarding then chances are you’ll need to pick up again from where you left off. Don’t let it put you off thou, getting good and retraining is all part of the fun. If you’re not falling you’re not getting better.

However, if you previously had many years of experience, the length of time away will be much less important and you don’t really worry about anything. In the first half hour or so will be sure to make you a bit rusty, and that’s normal. But at the end the day, you’ll feel like you’ve didn’t leave.
Everyone is Different

In keeping the preceding points with you, it’s important to remember that everyone is unique. A few people spend 10 years away from snowboarding and come back to the slopes like they never quit, whereas others may have been away half the time and is in need for a class or two to help them feel comfortable again.

No matter how long it takes to master your old skills Don’t worry about it there’s nothing to worry about. The most important thing is to get out there and have fun. If you’re struggling to get back to your normal pace A bad day on the slopes is better than a good day at work.

For those who took off from snowboarding due to reasons of any kind, let’s look at some of the ways to make getting back on the slopes as simple as is possible.
Do the Easy Runs First

Start with the smallest and work your way up. Begin with the shorter runs until you are able to return to your former form. There’s no reason to rush straight for the more challenging runs. Be patient and slowly work your way upwards.
Check out Some Snowboarding Videos

Tips for First Day Tips for the First Day Snowboarding

Relax, sit back and look over some snowboarding tutorials on YouTube. There’s tons of great content available right now even if you only go over the basics once again can give you a chance to refresh your memories and you might even discover something new.

YouTube channels SnowboardProCamp and SnowboardAddiction are full of great videos. If nothing else, the content will leave you feeling motivated and eager to go back on the board.
Check Your Snowboarding Gear

If you’ve been off snowboarding for some time, and you’re about to get back on the slopes, be sure to check your gear. Check that everything is in good order and is in good functioning order.

Based on how long it has been since your last time snowboarding, it might be worth investing in new gear. Equipment and snowboarding gear has evolved and evolved fast.

Personally, I would not recommend using old equipment, if it’s outdated it’s better to replace it. New equipment is usually more secure and generally more effective. If you’re operating on a limited budget, consider renting equipment in order to lower costs.
Consider Taking A Lesson

There’s no reason to be ashamed of taking a lesson if you in any way you are uncertain or lack confidence. Lessons are readily available and can be found inexpensively.

This will also help you relearn the correct methods, refresh your memory, and can even help remove some of your old bad habits.

Lessons are easily accessible and usually aren’t too expansive.
Make use of visualizations

The song might sound a bit woo-woo but bare with me.

Its no secret visualizations and mental rehearsal are commonly used in sports by professional athletes and can be extremely powerful.

Close your eyes and dedicate 10 minutes per day for a week just envisioning yourself back out on the slopes.

Feel confident with your feet in a smooth ride, shifting your snowboard. Be as precise as possible, the more detailed you are, the better. For example imagine how the snow feels beneath your skis, the way the cool mountain air is, and the thrill as you slide into the snow.
Go With Friends

Instead of going on your own, if you’re feeling a bit uncertain then go with others to share some assistance. A friend who is able to refresh your memory and offer words of encouragement could make your life a little easier.

On the other hand don’t be pressured to go for more challenging runs in a hurry. You can take your time and move according to your personal pace.
Proper Recovery

If your body isn’t accustomed to the intense workout that a whole day of skiing can provide you, then there are likely to be body parts that will ache the next day.

Like you must always stretch after having an exercise or a fitness session, so should take the time to cool down after a day of snowboarding.

This is a fantastic way to aid your body in recovering properly after snowboarding and will assist in reducing muscle soreness following day.

However, if you’re fortunate enough to have facilities in the hotel where you’re staying in, you might want to consider getting warm before taking to the slopes by hopping into the hot tub, sauna, or shower. Warm muscles are less likely to get damaged while exercising.