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What are the additional British Passport photo requirements?

We will guide you through the whole British Passport renewal process, from beginning to finish to ensure your passport application has been completed accurate and in accordance with the requirements of the passport office.

If you’re an British citizen and are soon to require a renewal of their UK passport Did you know that you’ll be required to upload digital photos to be able to apply online? Additionally did you know of the specific British passport requirements for photos?

Most people are unaware of the need to adhere to the guidelines for digital passport photographs, as laid out by Her Majesty’s Passport Office. In the end, failing to submit the proper photographs could cause your application to be rejected.

British Passport Photo Requirements for Passports

Below are the guidelines of the passport office to meet British passport photo specifications:

What’s the size of the UK passport photograph?

The office for passports is specific about the dimensions of digital passport photographs.

Your photo on the internet must be 35mm wide as well as 45mm long.
The passport pictures should be no less than 50KB and should not exceed 10MB.

Many camera shops will be able to assist with these pictures. You can also utilize a photo booth and create your images according to these dimensions.

If you opt to capture the digital images with your camera at home, once you’ve downloaded them, you can alter the size on your computer.

This can be done using your computer’s cropping tool that is easy to make use of. Select the image, then go to the tool for cropping, click , and then drag the tool until you’re satisfied with the size.

What are the other British Passport photo requirements?

Alongside taking physical measures of the image there are also other metrics to note.

The face’s image (ie. from the top of your head all the way towards your neck) should be from 29mm to 34mm the height. If you you’re having trouble ensuring that these measurements are reflected in your digital photograph then it could be a good idea go to a camera store. They are generally well-versed in British passport photographs and can save you lots of trouble!

Your photo on your computer should show a clear, close-up of your entire head and the upper shoulder region.

There should not be other objects or people in the picture and the photo must be taken with a white or light grey background or screen.

It is equally important that the image is clear not blurry, and has it has a sharp contrast to the background.

The passport office will not accept photographs where an individual is suffering from “red eye” because your real eye color must be apparent.

While taking passport photos near me, ensure that you’re sitting straight and looking straight ahead. Focus your eyes directly on the camera. Try to not to smile – calm expressions that have your mouth gently shut are the most effective.

The camera’s flash frequently causes people to blink, but do not to blink since the passport office will require that your eyes remain open.

Scarves, caps, and hats are not permitted on the photo (unless they’re used for religious or medical reason) and you should not wear anything else that blocks your face. Sunglasses aren’t allowed but you are permitted to wear regular glasses (just be sure there’s no flashing). Any shadows that fall on your face or the background of the photo may be considered unprofessional, so you should try to be careful not to do this.

Finally, your digital images must be in color since black and white photos are not permitted.

Can I upload physical photographs to get the purpose of British Passport?

Yes, you are able to take physical photographs, but you’ll have to take them to the office of passports.

If you choose to go the traditional route, make sure you pay close attention on the high-quality of your photographs and ensure they’ve been printed professionally. Similar to digital photos physical ones should be clear, sharp and sharp. They should also be colored photos that are shot against an unlit grey or cream background.

The person at the store to print the photo on high-quality photographic paper that is white. There shouldn’t be any border on the photo, and it shouldn’t be altered or photo-shopped using computer software.

When you send the photos in Make sure they don’t have folds, tears or folds. Also, you should not write any information on the back or front of the photograph (unless obviously, you’ve been told that the photo needs to be signed by a countersigner).


There are many aspects to the UK specifications for photos in passports for passports can be difficult to understand and adhere to. But, if you know the correct requirements and following them strictly you can be sure that your passport photographs will be accepted with no difficulties.