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Why Buy A Roof Tent?

If you are looking to purchase or simply looking for rooftop tents you might be wondering what are the main advantages over car camping.

The benefits of a tent with a roof is its capacity to remain dry and clean, offer luxurious, comfortable, and remain off the ground in an efficient and simple manner.

These are just some of the most prominent benefits that roof top tents (RTTs) provide campers. Many more benefits to highlight, some of which are evident and others not easy to grasp for a novice.

Let’s talk more about the benefits I’ve observed during my camping trips using a roof tent At the end of the article, I’ll talk about the drawbacks I’ve discovered when owning one.


If you’ve ever been camping in a ground tent you are aware of how fast the tent can become dirty. It is covered in dirt when you put it down, and when you enter the tent for a few times, you’ll be able to track dirt as well. A more serious issue occurs when it rains and the ground turns dirty.

With an RTT you do not have to be concerned about these concerns because it isn’t affixed to the ground. Once you are inside the tent, you are able to put your shoes in the waterproof shoe bag which is located just outside the entryway to your RTT. The process of putting your shoes off and on prior to entering the tent is much simpler than with a ground tent.

The beach at night is enjoyable in theory, however how much sand that is able to get into your gear and tent is the most unpleasant part. Sand always finds ways to enter the tent, but it will be much less if you use an RTT.

Additionally, you don’t have to clean or rinse the RTT after a camping trip , as you would for a tent on the ground.


The comfort of an RTT is unbeatable. One of the biggest advantages for me is having a flat mattress to sleep on. In a tent that is ground even with a comfortable mattress , the rough and uneven surface can be extremely uncomfortable.

This is particularly true if you plan to go on a long camping trip that lasts for several days at one time. The mattress built into RTTs come with will typically be approximately 2-3.5 inches thick and is constructed of high-density foam. The mattress is very comfortable.

In the context of comfort, let’s discuss the bed. The ability to avoid the procedure of blowing up an air mattress and constructing the bed is an enormous time saving.

The majority of RTTs particularly hardshells permit you to store your bedding inside the tent even when it is closed. This means that sheets, pillows and blankets can be stored ready for use inside the tent, without having to remove them each time you use them.

Apart from the fact that this can save you a lot in time and effort, I also enjoy knowing that I’ll never forget anything when I leave the home for my next camping adventure!

Simple setup

It could be a controversial issue for some, but I find that RTTs are simpler to set up. One reason is that I am more clean since the tent isn’t touching the ground.

Also, I don’t need to use those flimsy poles, tie-downs, or stakes to anchor the tent. The process of setting up a ground tent will vary depending on the size, but estimating the time required to set it up and also to make the bed will probably take about 15 minutes in total.

Certain RTTs are easier in deployment than other. For instance, foldout softshell RTTs need you to remove the PVC cover and remove multiple straps prior to use. Based on the model, the setup should take about five minutes. I’d say closing the tent will take an additional few minutes to get all the fabric inside as you shut it down.

But, many RTTs with a hardshell just require a few clamps to be removed and then the gas struts will let the tent open for you. The process takes just 60 seconds with minimal effort required!

I have heard that there are pop-up tents that can be set up in a matter of minutes, however, excluding the exceptions, RTTs in my opinion are the best choice here!

Less gear to pack

When you set out on an adventure in the wilderness and load your car with all the essentials, you discover how little room there is to store everything you require.

This is an area in which the RTT shines because it is on top of your car. It also doesn’t have to be concerned about the space that the air mattress would normally occupy. As I said in the context of comfort, the majority, if not all, of the bedding is kept in the RTT when it’s closed !

I can see this as being extremely useful for a large family with space that is restricted inside the vehicle. It’s also great for peoplelike me, who often forget one or two things for my travels! The tent being ready to go at any time will give you peace of mind and a less stress to think about.


There’s definitely a certain level of luxuriousness that comes with an RTT. It is a happy middle or a step up from the ground tent, but not as luxurious than teardrop trailers. RTTs can be expensive however, not when you compare to other trailers!

Certain RTTs may cost more than $4,000 and are constructed of steel and aluminum. Other features include built-in fans and LED lighting, solar panels as well as automatic closing and opening the awning, an annex and many more features.

You can convert your RTT completely electric by using solar panels that are attached directly to the tent. Certain RTTs have USB and 12V plugs within the tent, ready to connect to a source of power.

I could go on for hours about the upgrades you could make to an RTT. There’s nothing similar to it within the category of ground tents and that is the reason I think RTTs are more lavish for campers.

All-season use

The most effective way for you to prolong your camping time to later in the year , or even all year long is to have a well-equipped tent with the right equipment. There are a variety of all-season RTTs that are outfitted with extremely strong material, anti-condensation mats flooring that is insulated, and additional accessories.

One of the advantages they possess is that they are elevated in the air, which allows you to remain dry, but also avoid sleeping on the frigid ground.

Both tents are able to handle all four seasons however I’d give the advantage to hardshells. If it rains or snow, I’d rather have an RTT with a hardtop RTT which will keep me dry and withstand the weight of rain or even water.

Fun factor

It’s a bit of an intangible , but to me it’s an advantage! Being a proud owner of an RTT is simply fun! I truly enjoy being able to stand 8 feet off the ground and enjoying the best view I can get inside my camper.

Family and friends will declare how awesome it is when they know how it works! In the beginning, people were unsure of what it was doing. After sharing a lot of photos of camping trips, people are in love and have come to me with inquiries.

RTT Advantages

If you take your dog to camp, as most of us it could be quite a challenge to bring them inside the tent. If they were smaller, would not even think about it. However, I have an 80-pound dog, and it’s a challenge to bring him in each time.

If you’re getting older or you simply cannot lift your dog due to the fact that they’re so heavy it is something to consider. There are solutions to this however. If you type in “dog” by using the search bar located in the upper right hand corner of my site it will take you to my article in which I provide a variety of examples on how to resolve this.

It’s not a stroll in the park when compared to simply opening the tent’s door to them.

Another issue is the storage of the RTT. Because of a insufficient storage space or the inability to transport the 100- to 200-pound tent the majority of RTT owners simply put the tent in their vehicles all year.

It’s fine, but it can cause wear and wear to your car as and also reduce your vehicle’s efficiency in terms of fuel consumption.

There are some of the disadvantages that have been a major issue to me as a owner. I highly recommend you read the article in which I discuss RTTs to ground tents as I provide many more instances in which an RTT is clearly at a disadvantage.

The Wrapping Up

In all purchases there’s a certain amount of exchange and taking. Although the RTT offers a myriad of amazing and enjoyable features to the table but it also has its disadvantages.

In general, I believe that WAY more people are extremely satisfied buying an RTT than those who don’t. People who aren’t satisfied with their purchase are those who get the most use from them.